Yeung Chow fried rice recipe

Yeung Chow fried rice recipe

I am super excited to share this colourful and delicious Chinese-style wok fried rice dish popularly refered to as Yeung Chow fried rice.

History has recorded that Chinese restaurants all over the world especially in Indonesia, the United States of America, Vietnam, China, United Kingdom, Australia and Philippines focus on Yeung Chow fried rice recipe due to its very high demand by their customers.

There is no doubt that the cooking ingredients often vary, but certain ingredients are usually the same.

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Since the year is coming to an end today, I thought it right that the Yeung Chow fried rice recipe is just the perfect recipe to end the year with as well as welcome a prosperous year 2015. I can confidently tell you that my decision wasn’t wrong at all because this rice dish came out very colourful, palatable and attractive.

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The tip of the iceberg was just garnishing this Yeung Chow fried rice dish with some fried chickens and vegetable salad…
The recipe isn’t that difficult at all since the whole concept is quite similar to making the usual fried rice or you can call it vegetable rice… 

This Yeung Chow fried rice recipe called for parboiling the basmati rice for approximately 7 minutes since the rice is so delicate and cooks so fast. I also chopped the meat before frying with seasonings for some appetising tastes. Moreover, stir-frying the vegetables with vegetable oil ended up giving the dish a super-duper taste.
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I insisted that the dish must be served with some fresh salads and it’s just great that I still have some fresh vegetables I bought from the farmers market with some chicken from the meat market….. And there you go, Yeung Chow fried rice was set and ready to be devoured by hubby and I.  
Yeung Chow fried rice recipeAll I can think of now is to encourage you to try out your own version… who knows,,,, yours might even come out better than mine {Laughs….}
Anyways, all the best and welcome to a prosperous year 2015!!!

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  • This is a great recipe! I enjoy your site:)

    • It’s a pleasure having you on my site Dragana.

      I very well appreciate your compliments.

      Do have a blissful year ahead.

  • this recipe looks very flavorful, and perfect for bringing in the new year! thank you.

    • You are absolutely right Kristina.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  • What an interesting Fried Rice. I chased this simple dish–in all it’s permutations–for many years. I’ve never encountered it made with jasmine rice and curry spices however. Very interesting and an approach I will pursue. Thank you! 🙂

    • Oh glad to know you appreciate this recipe Susan. Please do try it out and I bet you will enjoy it.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • So much flavor going on here. I love the method of having well seasoned meat before adding to the rice.

    • You are right Kiano! Tasty flavor in the rice.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Love this fried rice–love the color and flavor from the curry powder. Reminds me of some Thai fried rices that use yellow curry paste. Pinning!

    • Amazing really. Thanks for your lovely comment Laura.
      You can try out the recipe and I am sure you will love it.

  • My kids LOVE fried recipe. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

    • waoh glad to hear that your kids love fried rice.

      Erin give your kids a little bit of surprise with some delicious homemade fried rice.

  • Blessing,
    Fried rice is a well-loved dish here, and a great way to use up small amounts of vegetables and meat. I’ve never tried it with curry powder, but I love the color that gives to your dish. Well done!

    • Thanks Kirsten. Yes, the curry powder brings out the colorful appearance of fried rice. Give it a try and you will love it.

  • Michelle@Healthiersteps

    This dish looks mouthwatering Blessing. Love the vibrant colors as well!