The Dimplex Forté 10 L dehumidifier is ideal for reducing the levels of humidity in rooms up to 15 m sq. It works by drawing moist air in through the back of the unit and passing it over a refrigerated coil that condenses the moisture in the air, turning it into water, which is then collected in a removable tank. Once the moisture has been separated, the air passes over another coil where it is warmed back up to an ambient room temperature, before being circulated back into the room. This Forté dehumidifier can extract up to 10 litres a day allowing you to set the air moisture to a comfortable level. It will also help drying out walls when decorating and will help you dry clothes indoors quicker.


Product Description

Dimplex Forte 10 L Freestanding Dehumidifier
Removes up to 10 L per day extraction rate
Mechanical humidistat
Featrues a 2.3 L tank
Suitable for room sizes up to 18 m sq.
Continuous drain option (14 mm PVC hose required)
One year guarantee


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