Blessing Okpala (Global food book) Blessing Okpala (Global food book)

Hello there, My name is Blessing. I created this website to serve as a convenient platform to identify, share and grow knowledge on healthy ways of eating, helpful kitchen tools and exhibit the preparation steps for assorted food recipes from all over the world. I studied parasitology and entomology. Currently researching and blogging on my findings.

I have been cooking from my very early days on earth and I am still on this incredible journey of discovering new recipes and better economical ways of meal preparation.

This website exists to also encourage and help individuals with no prior cooking experience. I understand that preparing a good meal requires using the right and best ingredients thus, the reason why I am highly interested in sourcing for and recommending quality tools, equipment, books and products for cooking food.

Over the years, families have passed on their cooking recipes from one generation to another but this appears to be in decline. With GlobalFoodBook, I hope that this gap can be bridged with the global use of internet. I believe that anybody can learn to cook any recipes from any part of the world.

GlobalFoodBook is here to make cooking very easy, economical and time-saving! I hope it will empower people with the knowledge of healthy food preparation and healthy living.

Many people complain and moan that “cooking tasty and palatable foods is quite costly and time consuming,” GLOBALFOODBOOK I hope will help alleviate this impression. 

To summarise; I hope to empower almost anyone through GLOBALFOODBOOK to cook! and raise further awareness to the need of eating healthy meals. 

I encourage you to take eating healthy food very seriously. As a little girl growing up I have witnessed many people suffer from varying diseases caused by reckless eating habits. I have also come across people who are very conscious of what they eat and very obviously I observed that they have lived happier and longer lives.  A good example of this  is my grandad whom we just lost to the cold hands of death at the age of 100 years last October 2014.

My grandfather was a great, honorable and inspirational man whose inspiration motivated me to setup this blog so as to share his words of wisdom, eating and healthy lifestyle to the outer world.  While growing up, like any other kid I spent a lot of time with my grandfather who is well known for his strict eating rules and habits.

As I became more aware of my environment, I noticed his eating pattern which aroused my curiosity  and prompted me to ask him questions. I had  series of  discussions with him regarding the secret behind his healthy health and longer lifespan which I aim to share with everyone on this platform through this site.  In one of our several discussions, he said thus;

My daughter, although God has been in control over my lifespan, but I have laid great emphasis behind the scenes on the quality of food and drinks I consume which hasn't been stressful to me because I got used to it over time. Notwithstanding, I am very  aware that my eating habit could be super stressful to most people because a lot of people pay very less attention to their food intake”.


His comment gave me a thrilling sensation which prompted me to insist that he must explain succinctly on what his statements were all about. Believe me friends, his advice has been invaluable and is the core  motive behind setting up this site just to share his ideas.

One thing is to eat quality food and the other is to ensure it is properly balanced,  as our body systems require a more balanced, safer, and  healthier meals. So here I am in full circle to share with everyone the importance of healthy eating style. I am very optimistic and fingers crossed that we all (You & I) will  share and grow  knowledge on  the food table of  this website as we all are aiming and reaching for the same goal "GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD HEALTH" and our hands will definitely touch and grab it.......

Join in the recipes creativity and enjoy many fantastic delicacies! We aim to supply you with not only what you want, but palatable, colourful and easiest method of food preparation for maximum enjoyment.

When people think of GlobalFoodBook, we want them to instantly think of food recipes. Conclusively, we want to be synonymous with food recipes by all means.

Watch out for food recipes from around the globe, tweets and blogs on healthy eating and food related topics. I look forward to  sharing and growing knowledge together with you on food related matters. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter for updates and also connect with us on social media.   Facebook: Twitter:

------------------Blessing Okpala


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