tomato stew

Tomato is botanically a fruit, and also regarded as a vegetable for culinary reasons and as cooking ingredient in various recipes, several dishes and sauces. Tomato stew is super delicious and mouthwatering.

It  can be consumed in various ways such as raw in salads, in stew or assorted dishes, it is now globally grown due to its edible fruits.

Tomatoes do vary in size, and appearance and some examples include; grape tomatoes, cherry, beefsteak, plum and campari.

Various continents use tomato for different reasons and cuisines example,  tomato is the main  ingredient for making pizza and are commonly used in pasta, rice sauces and as tomato stew.

They have  high nutritional  contents such as vitamin A, C, carotene lycopene, and antioxidant useful for healthy body system.

Tomatoes are better preserved at room temperature unwashed  and out of direct sunlight.


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