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Alas, it is finally beginning to get warmer around here. All I can say is that summer is pretty much around the corner, and I am just so so ready for it. But on the other hand, who knows what the situation of things will be like in this year's summer due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... It makes me feel so sad that the whole world is going through this terrible period of difficulties and I can't wait for us to spring back to normalcy. Fingers crossed, things will be back to normal soonish. Of course, life ought to go back to normal so that this summer will be worthwhile. What's the point of looking forward to summer if one will still be locked down indoors? What? Well, let's keep our positive spirits up and only hope for the best! What speaks summer better than a delicious meal with family and friends? Not much on my notepad. Let me just confide in you that hubby actually pleaded that I make this recipe because he wanted a standby delicious stew to compliment most of our main dishes. I had wanted to make this stew with some fresh tomatoes but I was so busy to go shopping. Luckily I had some tinned diced tomatoes enough to make my stew and also the rest of the ingredients to complement the stew were readily available. I then decided to dive right into the act of stew-making. One thing I love about cooking is that you mustn't wait to have all the ingredients before you can cook up whatever you want to cook. Once you have the basics or the key ingredients or the alternatives ingredients, then you can surely come up with a lovely dish. No doubt at all.
So I happily cooked the stew but then thought it wise to make a video of the recipe since I don't have any videos for all the stew recipes I already have on this blog. Well, I am glad I did so because it serves as an opportunity for me to equally share with you how I make my yummy pot of stew. A must-have for anyone!. Can you see how gorgeous the stew looks like? Sometimes gorgeousness is the answer! You can't get anything wrong by doing things right! I love stew on almost everything ranging from rice, beans, bread, etc. I just enjoy having a wee bit of something colourful and spicy to top things off. Although I have previously made and shared a couple of stew recipes here, but I haven't gotten around to shooting a video recipe for them. So I am glad that the opportunity to make a video finally arrived and I took it. It was so easy for me to put things together and the outcome was just amazing. This stew isn't difficult to prepare and it uses ingredients one can always get from the grocery shops or even have available in the house. I always like cooking stew in large quantities, that way I can scoop the stew into smaller containers, throw the containers into the freezer and just simply grab one for use when needed. Makes life so easy! You can also put things together within a couple of minutes, and use your stew as you like. Stew really adds some beautiful touch and flavour to main dishes, or burgers, veggies or pretty anything else you can imagine. The recipe starts with the collection of some basic ingredients like tomatoes, meat, sweet peppers, ginger, salt, stock cubes, chilli peppers, onions, cooking oil, spices and herbs. This is then followed by the preparatory steps such as washing up, peeling up, cutting up, chopping up and blending up all that require these services.
For this stew recipe, I first cooked the meat until tender then set it aside. Of course, I cooked the meat with some spices, onions, pepper, ginger, stock cubes and salt. While the meat was cooking, I channelled my attention towards getting the rest of the ingredients ready. I washed and chopped the peppers, cut the onions and blended the diced tomatoes. Afterwards, I set the cooking pot on heat and then fried the stew to my satisfaction. It was after frying the stew thoroughly that I then added the cooked meat and then simmered it for a few more minutes before bringing it down from the heat. I finished off the stew by adding some fresh rosemary leaves and this boosted the aroma oozing out from the stew. I believe the rosemary flavour was really nice and it's something you will really enjoy to perceive from your stew. The combination of the stew with the rosemary leaves was indeed a perfect match. Moreover, the long red sweet peppers brightened up the colour of the stew, and the combo of both the tinned diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato paste resulted in a lovely balanced stew.
With a hang of the raw ginger thrown in as well, this stew turned into a delectable, aromatic and flavourful way to amp up a bowl of rice, pasta, beans or sandwiches. Name them......
Stews are quite versatile and you can concur with me that it can be used in just about anything you can possibly think of. Homemade stew does not have to be difficult nor overwhelming. When preparing a delicious pot of stew such as this, I recommend you buy the best ingredients you can lay your hands on. Please make your own homemade meat broth and use it for cooking the stew. Some people use store-bought meat broth but I always prefer the homemade ones. Whatever it will take you, try and give this recipe a shot and you will be glad you did. Stew ingredients should definitely be going into your shopping list when next you visit your grocery shop.


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