Watch this video recipe of Carrot Milkshake (2ways)!


I was thinking of something refreshing, light and sweet to fix for my after-meal and my mind kept pointing towards some kind of fresh carrot milkshake. It was perfect, made with some carrots, yoghurt, vanilla flavour and milk. Such a beautiful kind of twist. Sometimes a recipe pops up at the perfect right time. This carrot milkshake (2ways) is one of such recipes. If you are having a group of people coming over for lunch and you aren't sure of what to serve them for dessert, then this recipe is the answer. With this milkshake, you will surely get something light and sweet and the good part of it is that you can actually make it ahead of time so as to be readily available when your visitors arrive. Apart from your visitors, you can equally make this milkshake for yourself and family members. So if you are still debating other options for converting those carrots of yours in your fridge or on your kitchen counter into something refreshing and lovely, debate no further because this beautiful carrot milkshake is the solution.
In this recipe, I decided to roll-out the two different easy approaches you can adopt to make the carrot milkshake. Both of these two approaches have carrots incorporated into them. And as the name suggests, the two methods have a reasonable amount of some kinds of milk in them. Both were simply fantastic. The milkshakes were real winners. Each of them came together so well to yield a refreshing drink that is so soothing to the body. After chilling the milkshakes and rolling them out graciously in the glasses without any trouble at all, it then dawned on me the extent these milkshakes can go in nourishing your body. Oh, not just your body, but also your soul and mind! LOL.
These are the types of milkshakes to keep closeby for a quick dessert in the future. Simple desserts such as these carrot milkshakes are great recipes to have at the back of your hands just peradventure you want to whip up a quick dessert together. What I love most about these milkshakes is that they are a wee bit different from the typical everyday milkshake. The combination of carrots with whole milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, vanilla yoghurt and vanilla flavour came together in a brilliant pairing thereby making these milkshakes a winner. And even much more special. The condensed milk, as well as a nice cup of vanilla yoghurt, kept these milkshakes sweet and yummy. A touch of vanilla flavour was added for additional flavour and a little more aroma. Simply garnish off the milkshakes with those cute and fresh mint leaves.

It is the simple combination of things that work out perfectly to convert these simple milkshakes into something more interesting. Not only are these milkshakes sweet, but they are also pretty easy to make. All you need is a blender and the rest of the ingredients. Follow each of the procedures outlined below, pour the milkshakes in a glass, and enjoy. Pretty simple, but hang on, so yummy!


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