Carrot fufu || How to make carrot fufu

Carrot fufu || How to make carrot fufu

Have you ever thought of using carrots to make fufu? Upon watching the video tutorial of this carrot fufu recipe, one of my fans stated thus: "Wow this is insane!!! What a great way to use the pulp". Insane in a good way though.... Lol...   Well, for some peeps, it is unimaginable to create fufu out of carrots. But then, the simple fact still remains that humanity is blessed with innumerable nature's gifts. The ball is in our courts to be creative and explore beneficial ways of utilising/enjoying our nature's gifts.
This carrot fufu is a brilliant, healthy, gluten-free and low-carb replacement to high-carb fufu. Basically, if you have the burning desire to maintain a healthy body weight while enjoying your daily starchy fufu intake, then this is the best fufu menu route to be on. The two ingredients (carrots and psyllium husks powder) used for this recipe are highly nutritious and beneficial to your health.

Meanwhile, Watch this video recipe of Carrot Fufu!


Here are some of the health benefits of carrot:
* Carrot aids Easy Food Digestion.
* Carrot's high provitamin A protects the eye vision.
* Carrot contains carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids & vitamins.
* Carrot fufu is a gluten-free & a low-carb diet.
Learn more about the health benefits of carrots and its oil here.
Here are the health benefits of Psyllium husks:
* It relieves constipation.
* It is good for the heart.
* It can lower cholesterol levels.
* It can lower blood sugar levels.
* It boosts satiety & aid weight loss.
Note: This is for enlightenment purposes only. It doesn't replace professional diagnostic & treatments.
To make carrot fufu, you basically start off by doing some preparatory works. Get the carrots ready by peeling, washing and cutting them into smaller pieces before blending them up.


Afterwards, pour the carrot paste in a sieve cloth and squeeze out the water. Upon completing this step, you will be left with only the carrot pulp. It is the carrot pulp that you require to create this amazing dish. Then throw the carrot pulp into a clean pot, place it on medium heat and then start stirring. While stirring the carrot pulp, do not allow it to dry up, hence you need to be adding few drops of the carrot juice intermittently while stirring/cooking.

After about 5 minutes of cooking, then add a teaspoon of psyllium husks powder. The reason for adding psyllium husks powder in the carrot is that psyllium acts as a binding agent. If you watch the carrot fufu recipe video tutorial, you will observe that the carrot started binding up the moment the psyllium powder was added.
The texture of the carrot fufu is pretty awesome, non-sticky and it makes a perfect fufu dish. The good news is that you won't even notice the sweet taste of the carrots while swallowing it down with soup.
You can serve the carrot fufu the same way you serve you regular eba, fufu etc... Just pair it with any of your favourite soup of choice such as okra soup, ogbono soup, egusi soup, bitter leaf soup etc and you are good.
So, my dear friend, I urge you to appease your body system (especially your digestive system) with this nutritious carrot fufu dish. You will be glad you did. The recipe is pretty easy yet the outcome is overwhelmingly amazing. Do not look back when grabbing and running with this recipe. Give the recipe a shot and you'll come back to thank GFB in a unique way. Lol.....


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