Peppered Goat Meat (Asun)

Peppered Goat Meat (Asun)

Who is already drooling at the sight of this spicy peppered goat meat? Peppered goat meat, which is also known as asun, is a goat meat delicacy distinguished by its hot, spicy nature. As the title suggests, this side dish is really spicy and peppery. It is simply not just for the faint-hearted. Yes, the peppered meat is really spicy - all thanks to the habanero pepper. The good news is that you can control the level of its spiciness. If you don't want it to be overly spicy, you can go ahead and add the amount of habanero pepper that will suit your tastebud. This asun is really spicy, flavourful and aromatic - the type that will keep your mouth and tastebud really busy while munching away on it. The perfect side dish to wow your tastebud. For the full recipe, read till the end.

Meanwhile, Watch this video recipe of Peppered Goat Meat!


This peppered goat meat was prepared using a collection of amazing ingredients that you can easily source from your nearest grocery stores, hence nothing should deter you from giving this sumptuous delicacy a try! Interestingly, the steps to making this authentic asun are pretty straight forward. So, grab the recipe and run with it.

Basically, you start off by giving the goat meat a thorough wash. Yes, you want to ensure that the meat is free from any form of dirt or particles. Afterwards, go ahead and prepare the rest of the ingredients, for example, peel, wash and slice the onions, deseed the bell peppers and wash them properly. Select four of the red bell peppers and pulse them together with the habanero pepper. Cut up the rest of the bell peppers into desired shapes and set aside. Once you have completed the preparatory steps, then you can go ahead and start the cooking of the meat.

Feel free to check out the recipe below and give it a try. I bet you will be glad you did. Once you have the peppered goat meat ready, then relax and dig right in.


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