Some days, all I just want for lunch is a non-regular but yet healthy and delicious meal. This past week kept me pondering on that one special non-regular, which will perfectly quench my cravings and luckily this black beans and yam recipe popped up.

Just three keywords for this dish! Simple, Healthy and Delicious!!!

First, soaking then cooking the black beans and yam until done, followed by the sauce, now this delectable grand finale ~ black beans and yam.

My dear, this is such a nutritious and palatable lunch ~ Hang on, let me quickly reiterate that again: a nutritious and palatable lunch indeed. But apart from serving as lunch, it perfectly fits the bill for a great dinner as well if you don't mind having a heavy meal for dinner.

black beans and yam akidi na ji-5

This black beans and yam, which is otherwise known as akidi na ji by the Igbos is such type of meal you can conveniently prepare in your home and then graciously devour as either lunch, dinner or even midday meal.


Meanwhile, here is a quick video on how to cook black beans and yam!!!


But don't just enjoy this meal alone, I urge you to share along with family and friends :D and I bet they will join the bandwagon and attest to the amazing nature of this dish.

I bet you that there is no other better way of preparing the black beans than with this recipe. I adopted this recipe from my mum and I owe her big time on this one :D

black beans and yam akidi na ji-8

Preparing the akidi na ji dish is pretty easy and let me just quickly say that soaking the beans before the actual cooking saves a lot of time and energy that could be wasted on getting the beans softened if not soaked.

Once you get the beans soaked then you are rest assured that the remaining task is as good as completed to yield such a delicious and satisfying meal that will wooowww everybody including  first timers.

Opening the pot cover and stirring the cooked beans and yam, inhaling all the aromatic smells of some tenderly cooked akidi mixed with yam, tomato, spinach and onion sauce, couldn't have gotten any much better than this. For this recipe, you finalize the cooking atop a delicious sauce, so that you are not bothered about making any sort of side dish since it is all built in.

The only other optional thing you may require is some slices of fresh spinach for garnishing and your meal is complete but like I said initially, this is entirely optional.
black beans and yam akidi na ji-7

This dish tastes really good, pals ~ Yeah, Reeeeaaalllyyyy    rrreeeeaaalllllyyyy good...

Just a breakdown of what the dish is packed with:

Black beans (akidi) (Yes, this is one of my all-favourite beans)
Fresh spinach,
Fresh tomatoes,
Fresh pepper,
Palm oil
and spices.

But you are free to add as many ingredients as you like and according to your heart desires. Next time, I am definitely going to add some mushrooms and green amaranthus. One good thing about this recipe is that it isn't rigid at all. While the original recipe calls for green amaranthus (My mummy's style) and here I am making mine with spinach and it still tastes amazing really.

black beans and yam akidi na ji-6

black beans and yam akidi na ji

So peradventure you don't have any of these green leaves around you then use whichever one you have available. This is such type of dish that when you try once you will be captivated to continue eating forever. Iyke and I really enjoyed this akidi na ji dish and we look forward to making the dish more often :D

Guys go for this meal and you will be happy you did.

One Love 




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