I enjoy making my smoothies! Yes I do and let me just mention that I will never give up on making loads of nourishing and refreshing smoothies for my delight. But I just have to admit that I don't make smoothies on a daily basis although I would have love to.

Anyways, let me keep my hopes high believing that soonish, making smoothies on a daily basis will become an everlasting habit for me. Honestly, if this becomes a reality, then I probably will become the most healthiest person on earth.

Don't get me wrong, you too can equally become the most healthiest if you inculcate the habit of eating loads of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis especially the organic ones. One easiest way of eating loads of fruits within a split of seconds and effortlessly is by converting them into smoothies.

Here's a quick video on how to make kiwifruit smoothie.

Interestingly, they are not pain in the neck to make and only take less time especially when you have the fruits at hand. Most importantly, the final results are just worth it and this is the reason I keep on blending up assorted fruits for different versions of homemade smoothies. To list but a few of them are; pineapple smoothie, apricot smoothie, mango smoothie, grapes smoothie, papaya smoothie.

kiwifruit smoothie

This kiwifruit smoothie recipe is pretty easy and I paired only kiwifruits, maple syrup and water for a nourishing, refreshing and tasty outcome. I highly recommend giving this recipe a shot if you've gat some kiwi (Chinese gooseberry) at hand.

You can make the smoothie without any sweetener or you can use whatever sweetener (honey, sugar) you have at hand to pair up with these kiwis. Just be patient enough to blend up all those tiny kiwi seeds so they become very smooth and easier to flow down through the oesophagus.

The main features that usually attract me to this fruit are its fibrous, thorny skin. I also admire those black, tiny seeds that smile through the inner flesh the moment you cut open the fruit. I equally enjoy its unique tasty flavour but I don't like them when they ain't fully ripe cos they are quite sour and can slap the hell out of your cheeks.

But hang on ~ ~ ~ I won't forget to mention some of the vitamins and minerals packed in this fruit, which are essential for the healthy functioning of our body. Kiwifruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, protein, vitamin E, carbohydrates and vitamin K and this suggests why this fruit is important to be included in our diets.


kiwi smoothie-6

Making this kiwifruit smoothie turned out to be fun because it only took 3 minutes of my time and I can tell you for sure that I love it when I spend very minimal time on my recipes.

Wait, wait,, wait,,, did I hear you say lazy girl?

No way!!! Far it be from me. I am not lazy but there are sometimes when you just want to fix your meal really quickly and if possible within seconds so you can do some other works that call your attention.

Just to cut the long story short, I encourage you to give this kiwifruit smoothie recipe a try and no doubt you will want to make it over and over again. You can even pop one, two or three of the kiwis in your mouth while waiting for the smoothie to get ready. Don't forget to use the ripe ones for better taste and flavour.

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