There is almost nothing better than welcoming a brand new day with a glass of freshly made refreshing fruit smoothie. I can never overemphasize on the importance of including fruits in our every day diets. The best dietary plan no one must ever neglect. I just love fruit smoothies and I doubt if I can ever get tired of having them.

I am always happy each time I spot some really fresh fruits sitting comfortably on my kitchen table, waiting for me to devour them graciously. Infact fruits are among my best of bbbeeeeessstttssss intake :D

I am just glad to share yet another healthy fruit smoothie known as pineapple smoothie. One good advantage of making homemade smoothies is that you can always tweak the recipe and ingredients and come up with what suits your tastebuds. So having visited the farmers market some few days ago, I suppose it is ideal for me to make a pineapple smoothie that really compliments my appetite.

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Before I move on, let me just confide in you that the secret of making really nice pineapple smoothie with great taste and sweetness is to ensure that you purchase very ripe pineapples. Even if you are not satisfied with the level of the ripeness on the first day of purchase, you can always leave the pineapples to play around in the kitchen for at least three days or even more in order to get them really ripened and softened to your satisfaction. But do be on a lookout to see that they don't let them get spoilt in the process.

Right!!! Fruit smoothies are good for your body and they are just an easiest but yet a brilliant way of keeping your body systems healthy and free from gazillions of bad calories. Besides, it's a brilliant way of shedding off those excess fat for a healthier you.

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This pineapple smoothie is just a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner option for everyone because pineapples have been revealed by researchers to be an excellent source of manganese, energy, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid,magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, manganese, dietary fiber and vitamin C.

Pineapple, which is also known as Ananas comosus is a very popular fruit all over the world and apart from making smoothies with it, pineapple can also be eaten fresh, raw, juiced or used for cooking assorted dishes. Pineapples can also be used for preparing fruit salads, ice creams, beverages, cakes and snacks toppings such as pizza.

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To get this pineapple smoothie ready, all you need to do is just to peel the pineapple, cut into small chunks, add in a blender with sizable amount of water and blend until smooth.

Yay!!! Your pineapple smoothie is ready for your consumption!!! Just as simple as that!!!

pineapple smoothie (1)

Why not just grab a sweet ripe pineapple and give this healthy recipe a try.
I bet you will enjoy both the sweetness and all the nutrients present in this amazing fruit.
Please don't forget to share your opinion with us in the comment box as every comment counts.
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