Watch this video recipe of the pineapple, mango, pear & margarita smoothie!


Making smoothies is one of my satisfying things to do in my kitchen. Seriously, I dearly enjoy the entire process and I cannot fault it even one bit. From washing, peeling, cutting and finally blending up the smoothie - I just love every bit of the steps involved. Blending together a beautiful collection of each of the ingredients and then turning them around into an amazing product that satisfies my craving is simply phenomenal. The process involves preparing the fruits through washing and cutting them into smaller pieces and then popping them into a Vitamix blender for their final transformation into your expected formation. Filling up those glasses with the yummy, nutritious and refreshing smoothie, and seeing that I can come up with such a beautiful creation with just a few simple ingredients is basically just amazing.
This pineapple, mango, pear & margarita smoothie is my most recent creation and I simply cannot come off admiring the outlook. There is no doubt that the matcha powder I added while making the smoothie transformed the colour of the smoothie into a beautiful look. Throwing in a wee bit of peppermint extract yielded the perfect smoothie. The smoothie came out so flavourful and too good to ignore. If you think that this pineapple, mango, pear & margarita smoothie is calling your name right now, then you just simply have to try it. This smoothie is highly nutritious - thanks to the matcha addition, it is so refreshing and it makes a hearty and healthy breakfast or dessert. Well, just so you know that one of my favourite quick, easy and healthy breakfast options is a smoothie. Aside from breakfasts, smoothies also make a perfect dessert for lunch or dinner. Whatever option that fits your bill, just go for it. I've also made a variety of other nutritious and refreshing smoothies, so whatever type of smoothie is calling your name, go for it.
This smoothie recipe only takes a few ingredients, less preparatory work and less time to blend up and you have a tasty, fulfilling and satisfying drink that I believe that anyone would like. I'm not sure about you, but sometimes I go for a hearty and satisfying thing that takes a few minutes to be put together. While you could make this smoothie without the matcha, I don't think I would want to, simply because it added so much colour, beauty and energy to the smoothie. Besides, the margarita also added a lovely twist to the smoothie. Honestly, the choice of ingredients for this recipe is just remarkable and I am so happy about the outcome. Other than these few nuggets I've shared about this recipe, I don't think that there is any much to say. The recipe is a pretty straightforward one that yields a healthy and refreshing smoothie for you, your family and friends.


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