I had two packs of fresh golden-coloured apricots on my counter yesterday that needed to be used, so this morning I thought it right to make some glasses of apricot smoothie.

Yep, when this apricot smoothie recipe crossed my mind as one of my favourite vegan gluten free recipe to start off the day with, I knew what I needed to do. Making this smoothie was the perfect way of using up those apricots wisely to provide me with a simple but yet healthier breakfast treat for the day.

Another bounty is that this apricot smoothie was only paired with water, which made the smoothie a natural and winning one!

Nothing Artificial AT ALL!!!

This smoothie for sure is such that is all encompassing because it is dairy free, fat free, gluten free and certainly does not disappoint!

apricot smoothie (7)

I can assure you that this apricot smoothie is pretty healthy as the sugary taste only came from the fruity apricots. Ripe apricots are quite distinctive with their unique sweet taste and the sweetness of this smoothie was right on point. Exactly the way I envisaged it to be!!! 

There wasn't any additives in this smoothie either, just apricots and water made in my food processor for a perfect breakfast treat. These two ingredients paired brilliantly well together into a yummilicious, tasty and hearty smoothie strictly for my delight. 

I love awesome tasty smoothie and despite what I'm eating, I usually deem it complete with some kind of dessert like smoothie to liven things up a little bit and add some great flavor and liveliness to the meal. I can assure you for sure that this smoothie turned out pretty so good coupled with just the right amount of contents that were packed with great flavor and taste. 

Besides, it is so easy to throw the ingredients together for a real winning starter or dessert that fits in properly into any category of dishes you want it to belong to.

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Honestly, I don't just know about you but in my opinion there is no perfect way of kick-starting your day or complementing your main meal than with a glass or glasses of freshly made smoothies!!!

I've made several smoothie recipes in the past years, which have always turned out so well and captivating. So do you care for one? How about this freshly made apricot smoothie and I bet that you won't ever be disappointed. But there are a few vital points to bear in mind while making this smoothie; firstly, don't use unripe or damaged apricots and avoid adding excess water!!! You definitely want the smoothie to come out pretty well so these are the key points.

I can tell you for sure that there is almost nothing as disappointing as drinking sour taste smoothies, you wouldn't even want to give it a try cos..........

apricot smoothie

You might also want to learn more about this great fruit...

Apricot, which is also known as a stone fruit belongs to the genus Prunus from the species P. armeniaca. Apart from the cold climate regions, apricot can also thrive well in the Mediterranean climates. This sort of orange colored fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, catechins, potassium, beta-carotene, lutein, copper, xanthophylls, carotenoids.
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Due to the high dietary fiber content of apricot, it is highly recommended for individuals with indigestive problems. In essence, apricots helps to promote a healthy well-being of our digestive systems.

Because apricots contain soluble fiber, which is a type of fiber that has the potentials to control blood cholesterol levels, you can see why this fruit is very vital for everyone.

Moreover, due to the high content of xanthophylls and lutein in apricots, you are rest assured that your retina is protected from ocular damage.

apricot smoothie (6)

Simply give this apricot smoothie recipe a try and I bet you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Loads of Love From Blessing

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