I love fruits, always have and ever will I do. Basically, one of my special ways of enjoying fresh fruits for breakfast is in smoothies and this suggests why I have made several fruit smoothies in the past ranging from pineapple smoothie, papaya smoothie, grapes smoothie, banana smoothie, apricot smoothie to name but a few. Here I am sharing this mango smoothie recipe with you right now.

I've been having fruit smoothies for as long as I can remember and interestingly, I can't recall ever regretting one, at least not recently. So for me, any day I am having fruit smoothie for breakfast is always an exciting and energy-filled day. Few days ago, I picked up some mangoes at the grocery store and made quite a couple of mango smoothies ~ I was just using one mango at a time because I didn't want any leftovers besides, I want the smoothie to remain ever fresh each time I want to have a taste of it. 

Here is a quick video on how to make mango smoothie with ease!!!

Usually I blend up a selection of assorted fruits and sometimes fresh vegetables but today, I just decided to stick to my best fruit ~ mango, which I flavoured all the way with lemon, honey and mint leaves. A perfect match made in heaven!!!

The flavour of the mint leaves paired with the tanginess of the lemon juice dripping through the glass and the sweetness of the mango turned out to be a fantastic mix. The mango colour turned out pretty beautiful, which made the smoothie so captivating, inviting and tempting to sip. 

mango smoothie (2)

No doubt this is an interesting smoothie for everyone to enjoy and I bet there won't be any regrets at all. This mango smoothie is just an ideal way of relaxing over breakfast as well a perfect way to kick-start your body system for the day.

All that the recipe requires are; a mango, honey, ice cubes, mint leaves, lemon and a little bit of water but then, the quantity of the ingredients should be proportionate to the number of people that are having the smoothie at any given time.  

mango smoothie (3)

The recipe is pretty simple, just whip up a mango with honey, ice cubes and few drops of water until smooth. Adding honey to the mango was just my little way of tweaking the recipe and I can confirm that the smoothie turned out very well and will equally turn out quite well for you as well.

Two things I love about this mango smoothie are; being easy to make and very nutritious! It is ideal for everyone including vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free peeps. I equally like that it is not too expensive and you can easily grab the ingredients from the shop. Again, if you don't want yours to be overly sweetened or flavoured, then forget about adding honey, mint or lemon just blend up the mango pulp with a little bit of water and some ice cubes and you are good to go.

mango smoothie (4)

Give this recipe a try and I bet you will like every bit of it! Feel free to share your views in the comment section......

Ciao From Blessing :D



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