Bring on this delectable Ripe Mango Salsa!
I don't really know about you, but each time I think of desserts the first thing that strikes my mind is fruit. I have loads of fruit dessert recipes that I personally came up with, which I haven't shared with you. I think is high time I started doing so!
Each time I come up with an amazing combination of fruit dessert, something always comes up that prevents me from saving the time to take the shots and possibly sharing the recipe with you. Well, this time around I decided to stick my foot on the ground, not minding whose horse is gored.
Here's a Quick Video of Ripe Mango Salsa Recipe!!!

ripe mango salsa-6
I am happy I did, because this is actually the reason I am sharing this ripe mango salsa recipe with you right now.
I actually made this ripe mango salsa last week but just never had the opportunity to publish it. Despite my tight schedules, I insisted that today is a perfect day to sort this issue out.
Alas! Drooling, refreshing, nutritious and healthy combination of seven fruits/veggies for your delight. I can't say that this ripe mango salsa will be everybody's favourite, but all I know is that this was really nice and captivating.
Rich, flavourful and full of multiple enticing colours.
So if you are planning to make an awe-inspiring dessert for your family, friends or for an event, then I can assure you that this is an ideal one.
ripe mango salsa
Personally, I think that assorted fruit desserts are one of those side dishes I really enjoy, but for my tight schedules, I don't quite prepare them as often as I would like to. Yeah, this is due to the peeling-washing-cutting process, which could be really time-demanding sometimes.
However, I am always happy to spend as much time as possible getting my fruit desserts ready whenever I am free. The good thing about fruit salsa is that you can combine as many fruits or vegetables you want, for an amazing outcome. Not only is it easy to fix, the outcome is equally super refreshing and delicious.
ripe mango salsa-2
I can assure you that this particular ripe mango salsa was an awesome combination, and I look forward to doing it again. All I did was to peel and chop the mangoes, onion, radishes and sweet peppers into tiny bits. To boost the flavour, I added some mint leaves as well as squeezed in a lime before tossing properly.
This healthy-iiissshhh combination of healthy fruit/veggies really complemented my lunch. It was an ideal light and yummy side dish for a sunny afternoon lunch, YUMMY!
ripe mango salsa-4
So if you haven't tried ripe mango salsa before, please check out the recipe here and give it a try. I can assure you will be happy you did. The fresh undertones from the mint leaves, the sharp tangy taste of the lime juice, the creaminess of the ripe mango and the crunchiness of the radishes/onion truly made this dessert a side-dish to remember till eternity.
This recipe is a no brainer, no fantastic add-ins or exceptional ingredients, so it is easy to pair together a collection of fresh fruits just within few minutes. These attributes make this dish a WINNING ONE!
ripe mango salsa-7
I can't wait to share loads of other variations with you ~ this is just the beginning.
Just a reminder ~ ~ ~ you don't need to preserve this mango salsa in the freezer! All you have to do is cut the fruits and vegetables up whenever you are ready to serve.
You can preserve the leftovers in the fridge and consume within one day. I always prefer to prepare the portion, which my family, guests and I can finish up at a time.
This is a fantastic dessert you can't afford to neglect or miss. Just ENJOY!!!
XoXo Blessing


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