Oh, its A MILLION YES for me on all levels!

I know - you might be wondering why I started with a positive declaration but I can assure you that POSITIVITY is the KEYPOINT in every facet of life and especially when you know you are doing something RIGHT. Well, you can count me in on this 'cos' I have no doubt that I did something really RIGHT by using up my bananas that were almost getting over ripe and then converting them into a SUPER-DUPER-AMAZING recipe for my delight and apparently, a DELIGHT for you as well to behold the sight of the awesome dessert.

Today I am sharing a quick but yet a delicious recipe! I'm always ecstatic when I plan on preparing any food that I know will be tasty and then when the food is finally done, it turns out SUPER-YUMMILIICIOUS! I love bananas and I enjoy all banana recipes so when I finally decided on baking this ripe banana crumble pie, I had the feeling that it was going to be good and that it will come out very well.  The ripe banana pairing is a perfect combination and it is very easy to make. 

ripe banana crumble pie
What interests me so much about food recipes is the fact that one can easily pick up a recipe and then tweak it to suit ones desire and taste. I had to chop-up all the ripe bananas and use them as a stuffing for the crumble pie and it worked brilliantly well... JUST SPOT ON!

Honestly, this recipe is a perfect way to use up your overripe bananas and turn them into something a lot more fruity--friendly for whatever dish you envisage. You can even combine two or more types of fruit together to make this winning recipe. But since we’re talking about sweet crumble mix with oats, all paired up with some ripe bananas – :D – so ooo let’s get real

ripe banana crumble pie (2)

In my meal planner's world, bananas has become a regular that can be eaten any day of the week. Well, anytime the bananas are getting any closer to getting too over--ripe, I just quickly convert them into something easy and yet eatable!  So should you often have issues with your bananas getting overripe really quickly, thus causing you to discard them annoyingly, then worry no more! I suggest that you try out this recipe and I bet you will love it. There’s nothing sooo worrying than seeing your hard-earned money go down the drain probably because you didn't had enough time to eat-up the bananas or whatever...., but with this recipe, this issue is just a past-tense!


Just make a crumble mix batter, roll it out, flatten and turn it into a baking pan before adding some chopped ripe bananas. This is followed by pouring a mixture of melted butter, plain flour and fresh milk over the bananas before popping into the oven to bake. Once the pie is properly cooked, then bring out from oven, allow to cool down before serving AND 'ALAS' breakfast is ready to be served.

Funny enough, you can even tweak the recipe and come up with your own version. Although I chopped up the bananas used in this particular recipe but you can even blend the bananas or even do whatever you want and I bet you it will still be delicious. Yes, with just a slight creativity and imagination, you can just NAIL it! You can even bake it in large quantity and then store in the freezer for easy access and usage anytime you so need it.

ripe banana crumble pie (3)
I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you do, don't hesitate to give it a try :D

ripe banana crumble pie (5)


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