Shepherd's Pie || How To Make Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie || How To Make Shepherd's Pie

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Have you ever found yourself in such a situation where you have some Irish potatoes lurking around your kitchen and you just go blank on what to do with them? Personally, I've found myself in such situation countless times but thank goodness to this amazing Shepherd's pie recipe, which has always come to my rescue. Of course, there are tons of other amazing dishes one can easily make with potatoes but I usually have a higher preference for Shepherd's pie due to how rich, juicy, classy, flavourful and palatable the dish is. If this is probably your first time of hearing about shepherd's pie and you are wondering "what is shepherd's pie?" Shepherd's pie, which is also known as cottage pie or hachis Parmentier, is a popular British food of English origin. It comprises of a ground meat pie topped with a crust or mashed potatoes. Note that you have to scroll down to the RECIPE SECTION to find the full ingredients and recipe.
The truth is that I’ve gotten into this habit of having some kind of potatoes (Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, name them) lurking around my kitchen at all times. I don't really understand my connection with potatoes but this is the situation I have found myself in - LOL. While I try to make easy recipes (such as fries, chips, snacks etc) with them the vast majority of the time, I often endeavour to make some rich, quality and classy meals out of them from time to time. And one of such meals that fall in this category is Shepherd's pie.

I usually avoid making a large portion at a time though except on special occasions when I'll have some family members or friends come over for lunch or dinner. And I try to use enough spices simply to make the pie come out flavourful and aromatic. I've made tons of Shepherd's pie in the past but I'm glad to present to you one of my recent Shepherd's pie recipes. A pretty standard casserole of Shepherd's pie. Interestingly, the ingredients aren't so hard to find - some Irish potatoes, a stick of butter, salt, milk, sour cream, some collection of spices etc. Shepherd's pie combination of ingredients is always a WINNER so this recipe is just a fantastic one.
There are several variations to a Shepherd's pie recipe, however, the key ingredients that must appear in the dish are ground red meat, mashed potatoes, spices, mixed vegetables and sauce. Worcestershire sauce is also another key sauce that complements the pie so well but in the absence of any, the pie will still come out well. After all the necessary steps have been completed, the shepherd's pie is then baked in an oven for an amazing yield.
I had fun making this shepherd's pie. Honestly, making this shepherd's pie couldn't have been any easier than it was. All the ingredients paired up so so well to yield a fantastic, flavourful and delicious shepherd's pie that will make you continuously seek for more. Your tastebud won't be disappointed at all to feast on this mouthwatering meal.
Feel free to give the recipe a try and let us know the outcome in the comment section.


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