Chicken With Vegetables Pies

Chicken With Vegetables Pies

Chicken with vegetables pies are just  a perfect  snack for the cold weather. But that doesn't mean that they are not suitable for those in the hot continents. Sitting down on a cold sunday morning with a cup of tea doesn't feel complete without a special goody to go along with it. Chicken with vegetables pies are amongst my favorite tea time snacks.
They are super easy to make and can serve for days once stored well. It is even optional to refrigerate and then microwave them at any time it's needed. I have made several types of chicken pies in the past which taste very delicious but I must attest that the adddition of vegetables to the chicken is just a perfect combo.
Having said so, this particular pie recipe is just above the list of my numerous pies and one thing that is fascinating about this pie is the mixture of little cornmeal and butter with the baking flour which made the dough quite soft and easy to work with. The few drops of vegetable oil into the mixture also add up to the softening factor, just a perfect combination.
I sparingly made this chicken pie recipe in the past however it will become a regular for our tea time snacks rotation from now onward. Not only is it good for tea time, you can pack it as a lunch snack for work or for your kids. The numerous vegetables stuffed in the chicken pies are highly nutritional hence recommended for anyone.
Having these pies for breakfast is another means of ensuring a great day ahead. Most people see these pies in the coffee shops, supermarkets and local shops thinking that they are quite hard to make but believe me, they are not.
They are very easy to make and you can use simple ingredients that are usually available in your kitchen cupboard. So if you are looking for a breakfast or lunch snacks, look no further and head straight to the kitchen. To save time due to busy schedules, you can make the pies in large quantities and then store them in the refrigerator so you don't have to keep making it always.
Follow the simple steps outlined below to make your own pies.
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