Today's recipe's goodness is one of it's kind that you wouldn't want to miss.

Motivated by my quest for trying out other people's recipes, I can assure you that this chicken and lamb samosa couldn't have gotten any much better than they turned out to be.

Just Spot On 

But please do take good observation of the tantalizing appearance you are sighting on these pictures ---- Golden-brown fried chicken and lamb samosa for your delight!!!

What an amazing way to simply but yet yummiliciously fry your snacks.

Asian dishes are probably among my favorite list of food to eat - the fact that I enjoy trying out other people's food has kept me going and I can tell you for sure that it has been an amazing super jolly experience all the way........

Because Am Hh--aa--pp---pyyy---yyy!!!  

These chicken and lamb samosa are so colourful, fresh, tantalizing, light and yumilicious. 


Now, I can reckon that giving other people's food a shot is actually a fabulous plan to opt into.

Please do know that the word "Samosa" entails a triangular spicy pastry fried in hot vegetable oil, olive oil, cooking oil or ghee with loads of meat and vegetables stuffed into it. But then the samosa has to be deep-fried until golden brown in appearance before scooping out of the oil.

I really do love samosa and no doubt you too will. I doubt if I've ever been disappointed with deep-fry inspired snacks because these tantalising samosa snacks wholesomely caught my fantasy way so quickly, since they sort of combine assorted vegetables and meat of my choice right up to my satisfaction.

Made specifically with plain flour, mushroom, green peas, onions, salt, vegetable oil, sweet corn, carrots, green chilli, lamb mince, chicken mince, lemon juice and mixed spices for some really delicious thinly-cut pastries. The combination of ingredients makes this wonderful samosa to be part of the winning pastries.

Nothing boring about the combination of ingredients and I can attest that these samosas are perfectly much on point. Making the dough is pretty much easy, even far more easier than you might think. 

It's a no brainer method and to proceed, all you need to do is to add plain flour in a clean bowl, add a pinch of salt, water and make a soft dough. Then form small rolls of dough and thinly roll out each of the dough into a circle. Afterwards, cut the thin dough into halves and roll out the dough flat.

Then form a cone with each half of the dough but then carefully rub water on each of the edges before folding the cones. The water acts as a glue to bound the pastry edges together with ease. Meanwhile, stir-fry the chicken mince, lamb mince and the vegetables together until done.


I usually cook the minced meat properly with mixed spices and onions before frying it together with the vegetables. By so doing, the vegetables won't get overcooked and at the same time, you are rest assured that the meats get properly cooked and tenderised to satisfaction.

Once the meat and vegetables are stir-fried, gently mash them before scooping into the pastry cones. Afterwards, use water to rub the edge, slightly flatten out the samosas before folding the tip. This is followed by throwing the ready-made chicken and lamb samosa into hot oil for some really deep fry.


These fresh homemade chicken and lamb samosa, wrapped in a golden-coloured pastries are just the perfect snacks for the family, friends and everyone.

For my wonderful audience that might not have heard of samosa before, I am sure that it will interest you to know that samoosa or samosa is an oven baked or deep-fried pastry with some fresh herbs and spicy meaty/vegetable fillings. Samosa is believed to be of Asian origin with distinctive triangular shape and golden-color appearance.

Apart from the Asian continent, samosa is now presently prepared and enjoyed by people from other parts of the world. Samosa is preferably served hot or warm and can be served with any sauce of choice.

Samosas are called samusas in Burmese, samsas in Uzbekistan and Xinjiang, singadas in Nepal, sambusa in Ethiopia, sambusac in South Africa, bajiyaa in Maldivian and lukhmi in some parts of India.


I usually prefer making the samosa in large quantities then storing them in the freezer for easy access anytime I need 'em.
This is pretty a really simple, easy but yet healthy recipe you can think of! You really can just throw everything (veggies and meat) in the saucepan and then let them all dry-fry before scooping into the pastries.

The only preparatory work you just have to do is to make the dough, roll out and cut accordingly. So if you feel comfortable with getting your own deep-fried or oven baked samosa for your delight, then reach out for all the recommended ingredients and give this recipe a shot. It's just as easy as that and can't get any easier!!!


I definitely hope you will consider giving this fascinating recipe a go!

The flavor combination is just mind blowing.
Lastly, I’d love to know your thoughts once you give this samosa recipe a go! Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box and I hope you enjoy the snacks!

XoXo Blessing 




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