Savory, tantalizing and yummilicious Turkish kaburga lamb ribs: I enjoy you quite a lot!
Can you tell me anything that is not worth loving about this delectable meat? I don't think there is absolutely any, because these Kaburga lamb ribs are just spot on! Absolutely spot on!

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Delicious lamb ribs are such an interesting one, being that each time I make them, I am just eager to either dip them in a sauce or pair them with some grilled vegetables. One of my recent meat market purchases is a full pack of lamb ribs that are nicely cut and packaged. Of course, it is much more cheaper and convenient to buy in large quantities, store in the freezer and then use at will and convenience.

Turkish kaburga

This practice feels so easy and most convenient for me and can I just say that my hubby has special preference for lamb meats to others. Moreover, because he is a big fan of lamb meat, I usually end up purchasing the meat in large quantities through the month. Honestly, there are quite a lot you can prepare with lamb meat, ranging from assorted savoury cooked dishes to roasted/grilled/barbecued counterparts. I prefer grilling the meat with few drizzles of cooking oil and other tantalizing mixed spices. I can bet you that this dish is so easy-to-prepare and super tantalizing that you won't even realize when you finish 'em all up, quite hot out of the grill or fire.

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Besides, grilling, barbecuing, roasting or what-have-you, is just perfect for the season since we are right in the middle of summer. As much as I enjoy Turkish Kaburga lamb ribs, this summer season calls for everyone to often make and relax over some freshly grilled lamb ribs every now and then, for your delight. Obviously, there are various ways in which you can tweak the lamb ribs recipe and they still come out amazing. All you need to do is just call up your creative mind and think of some sort of ways to tweak the regular lamb rib recipes for some unique ones. Just give this simple task a try and you will be amazed of some distinctive recipes you can come up with.


This lamb ribs recipe is such an easy but yet a delicious option that you cannot afford to neglect. The ribs are a bit oily, kudos to the vegetable oil I drizzled all over 'em, as well as some little bit of fat attached to the meat. Although I tried to get rid of as many fat as possible while preparing the meat, but the truth is that you can't get them all out... There must still be some traces left on the meat, but not to complain much, the meat just came out absolutely yummilicious and fantastic....Just the way we wanted it to be!


Moreover, a pinch of chilli pepper and some mixed spices for aroma, perfectly rounded-up the flavors so well. I garnished it with some grilled fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers and fresh lettuce for some freshness and a bit of colorful look. Anytime you think of an easy but yet a distinctive and tasteful lamb recipe, think of this recipe, and I can assure you that you will never regret it at all! I can assure you that this recipe is the easiest and best way you can easily convert a whole box or packet of raw lamb ribs into a palatable dish.

I truly hope you will give this Turkish kaburga lamb ribs recipe a go! The flavor and aroma combination is just fabulous. Last but not the least, I’d love to know your thoughts once you give this recipe a go! Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box and I hope you enjoy the kaburga!

Blessing :-)

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