Hello my lovely friends!

I hope you all are having the best of your weekends? It is always a period of the week everyone looks forward to; time to relax, time to do some house chores and most importantly, time to cook assorted dishes. This weekend, I decided to stick with very easy recipes that will take less of my time so I will have much time to finish-off my long-awaited tasks...

Let me just say that I love experimenting new things!


Yes, trying out other people's recipes is one of my favorite things to do and I enjoy it when such recipes get my attention in the kitchen. This time around, I decided to do Turkish. I love Turkish food to bits; very flavourful, delicious and aromatic!

Let me just say that I was motivated to give this recipe a go, based on my visit to our Turkish friends couple of weeks ago. I ate their Turkish ekmek bread (flat bread) and my taste-buds and hunger-glands all stood-up and got stuck to this distinctive and super delicious bread. Waaoooccchhhaaaa!

Turkish ekmek_Turkish_flatbread(1)

You can't beat the taste at all, because this Turkish ekmek bread is deliciously distinctive. I was so fast to learn the recipe from them and even got direction on the easiest and cheapest place to get the already-baked ekmek breads.


I can bet you that this was a perfect decision because baking the bread itself can be quite demanding and at the same time need certain special equipment to really get it to standard. But the easiest part and the best part I cherish about this recipe is the SPICING-UP & WARMING-UP part of it.

Turkish ekmek_Turkish_flatbread

The secret to getting the ekmek bread really tasty is to spice it up with spicy paprika, fresh parsley leaves, vegetable oil, chili pepper and salt to taste. This is followed by warming up the bread over charcoal heat or grill. Honestly, you can't beat the aroma that will be oozing out from the bread as you are heating it up with the oil dripping out from the bread to coat-up the entire bread surface.

The reality is that sprinkling paprika spices on the surface of the ekmek bread before warming it up, gives it a very colourful reddish appearance that lures your long-throat closer to the bread :D


Funny enough, you can tweak the bread whichever way you want it to be. Yes, you can choose to top the ekmek bread with any spices of choice but notwithstanding, I will still encourage you to include paprika as part of the ingredient because this particular spice is just SPOT ON for the bread.

Let me just emphasize that I love the entire process; ranging from cutting the bread, sprinkling the ingredients and drizzling the vegetable oil to heating it up on the charcoal fire. The outcome does not only waoh your eyes, but satisfies your entire taste-buds just exactly the way you want it...


Preparing Turkish ekmek bread is one of my most satisfying activities in the kitchen! For sure, handling those large loaves, and seeing what you are capable of turning them into within few minutes with just simple household ingredients is simply fabulous.

Since I love this Turkish ekmek bread, I suppose that preparing it during festivals, picnics, parties and any event shouldn't be an issue. Besides, you too can go ahead and prepare it for your household and friends. It is just a perfect snack to eat-out during summer outings and trips.


I can assure you that this Turkish ekmek bread perfectly fits the bill for any activities and purposes for you and I have no doubt that you will enjoy it. I sincerely hope you will consider giving this Turkish recipe a go! The flavour combination is just mind blowing.

Lastly, I’d love to know your thoughts once you give this recipe a go!  Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box and I hope you enjoy the dish! Blessing :-)



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