I enjoy it when I prepare a meal that I know for sure will be delicious; and when I finally end up making it, it turns out superb with how good it is. This Turkish piyale pasta recipe is among my favourites and it is right on point. I pretty much love all pastas so when I decided to have pasta for lunch, I knew it was going to turn out well.

This time around instead of the regulars I usually have at hand, I decided to go for the Turkish ones. With several recipes to choose from, pasta meals are a brilliant and quick way to suppress hungry bellies, so if you are stuck to your old pasta recipe, it is time to try a new recipe today.....

Don't just shy away from it! 

Honestly, it is usually good to try out other people's recipes since we are now in a globalized world.


Believe me, it is sometimes better to just keep things really simple. Just briefly parboil the Turkish piyale pasta to get rid of the starchy water, then simmer the vegetables with your selected spices of choice for few minutes before adding the parboiled piyale pasta to cook properly together. Just as simple as that.......

Honestly, it can't get any simpler than this and lunch is served!

Moreover, when I realized that I have loads of vegetables like Brussels sprouts, carrots, tomatoes in the fridge, I knew it immediately that they would pair perfectly with the pasta. And they did!

A packet of piyale pasta and a quick cook with nutritious vegetables and what do you get? A delicious pot of piyale pasta! There is nothing out of ordinary in this Turkish recipe, except for perhaps how yummilicious the final product is. Honestly, this recipe takes about 15 minutes to put together and I love it when my food takes me less time to prepare.

Parboiled pasta with all ingredients mixed together and cooked until done. Within just a few minutes, you have hot, delicious pasta, loaded with assorted vegetables and ready to be consumed. You just get to be sure you don't overcook the piyale pasta, and since it requires a whole bag of pasta, you do not even have to measure them out. So enjoy!!!



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