I have loads of unused rolled oats and muesli sitting in my kitchen cupboard and yesterday had a greater part of me trying to decide what I should bake with those oats to have at reach for a quick grab and on-the-go dessert.

Inside-out apple crisp had been on my mind lately, so I thought it right to just go for it. Moreover, I've been eyeing some apple recipes for a while now, and have a pack of apples in the fridge, but I hadn't got around to using them.


So when I thought of inside-out apple crisp, I gladly jumped at the option. There are several routes you can go about with apples and any of the recipes is usually spot on that you shouldn't have any difficulty deciding which recipe to go for.

So-to-say, I finally settled for the muesli, oats and apple crisp and I can gladly say that it wasn't a wrong decision for me at all. They came out from the oven looking so juicy, hearty and flavourful and were packed with assorted awesome things you can envisage any mix-crisps will contain.

inside_out_apple_crisp (1)
I'm super excited that I went with this recipe at the end because it sure came out as a winner. The rolled oats, butter, maple syrup, honey, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and muesli all combined together to form a delicious filling for the apples.

The maple syrup, honey and brown sugar for sweetness, cinnamon and nutmeg for flavor and butter for softening and binding together of all the ingredients.

What a brilliant combination to go for........ Absolutely amazing!!!

inside_out_apple_crisp (2)

Anxious to hear what the outcome was? Well this heavenly combination really baked up so juicy and soft just exactly the way I envisaged it to turn out.

So cosy and fulfilling for a perfect dessert anytime, any day!

The secret for a quickie breakfast-grab is to bake these up in large quantity so you can easily heat them up for a busy week-day breakfasts.
inside_out_apple_crisp (3)

The inside-out apple crisp usually comes out from the oven with the outer parts caramelised and the inner part stuffed and packed with hearty grains, which make a perfect pair. Interestingly, the ingredients used for this recipe is such that you easily get from the supermarket or your local shop. So why not use this opportunity to treat yourself with some deliciously baked apple crisps for your delight.

Feel free to submit your own version of the inside-out apple crisp here.

inside_out_apple_crisp (4)


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