Ooo--kkkk--aa-yy,,,Ooo--kkk---aaa---yyyy dear friends!
Its time to bake some pizzas. This recipe goes out well to everyone who likes pizza, to both the guys and the ladies who enjoy eating pizzas!!!

Yes, indeed I love pizza! I have no doubts you too!!!

Pizza is super delicious and you can count on me eating pizza quite often... However, I try to cut down on the quantity I eat cos I don't want to add extra pounds {Winks}

I can't remember eating a pizza I didn't enjoy. So, just a delectable post today, It's pizza cake!
pizza cake (2)

I've said it before, but let me say it again that I love pizza and I love making homemade pizzas. This is probably cos it gives me the privilege to use all sorts of flavours and toppings that one may not be able to buy at the local pizza shop or supermarket. Honestly, my most favourite ways of topping pizzas is with assorted fresh vegetables and cheese.

For this recipe.....this delectable veggie-friendly, cheese and corn beef filled pizza cake that's readily available within 30 minutes or so, Oh gracious! But honestly, I can't imagine of a more unique way of making pizza than this pizza cake that took quite a straight forward method.
pizza cake (8)This particular pizza cake contains corn beef, grated cheese, red and green bell peppers, onions, green olives, mushroom, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and tomato sauce.
But come to think of it, if you think that these ingredients ain't complete enough for a perfect pizza, then think again. Adding them all into the pizza, deposits all their natural flavor and sweetness for a tasteful and tantalizing pizza.

pizza cake (7)

I used plain flour for the pizza dough and then I divided the dough into three pieces before rolling each of them out. Meanwhile, let me remind you that I used the olive oil to lubricate the baking tin so the pizza won't get stuck on the pan after baking.
pizza cake (6)Afterward, I placed the first rolled-out dough into a baking tin, then topped it with tomato sauce, followed by corn beef, the vegetables and the cheese. I repeated the same process for each of the doughs, until I had successfully added the entire doughs and layered the necessary ingredients. I love to add enough cheese in my pizzas, so you see why I mentioned earlier that I prefer making my own pizzas so that I can tweak around with the ingredients and add what I really want to add.
pizza cake (11)

And I can assure you that this works perfectly well for me. Oh Thanks Be It That I Made It!
Colourfully and gracefully layered for a tempting and captivating look.
pizza cake (10)This pizza cake is really the best way to eat both cake and pizza all in one-go in my own opinion.

It came out from the oven looking so colourful and delicious and it gave a QUICK CALL TO ACTION to everyone around in the house, which is "grab your fork, knife and plate".......Pizza cake is ready!

If you think I am exaggerating too much over this pizza cake, then apologies but I can't help it cos it sure, is a winner recipe for me. Yes It is a perfect snacks to scare hunger very very far away. Head over to your kitchen and prepare for yourself a delicious pizza cake.

pizza cake (3)
pizza cake


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