Recipes such as this are why I enjoy baking cakes! Converting  some simple but yet amazing ingredients into a really delicious and captivating looking cake is just fabulous.  Honestly, this chocolate  banana  chip  cake  has  become  one of my  family’s favourite desserts. Yes, I know that I've shared some cake recipes few months ago but I can assure you that this particular one turned out very great and may have surpassed the rest.

chocolate and banana chip cake

Initially, I wanted to bake chocolate cake but I had a change of plan and was later motivated to pair it up with some banana chips because I had some sweet banana chips left over in my cupboard. I can not let stuffs like this continue lying around in the cupboard without coming up with a quick recipe to do do justice to 'em...',

It took me less time to finalise that this particular recipe will be a perfect blend for the banana chips since I'd ALREADY knew that I will be baking up something. I can assure you that this recipe was just a perfect way to use up the little banana chips I had left ­ out.

chocolate and banana chip cake (7)

Apart from this, the recipe is more--or--less very basic; self-raising flour, butter, egg, vanilla flavour, ripe bananas (blended), baking powder, maple syrup, chocolate powder all whipped together and poured in a baking pan. It turned out to be such an easy but yet wonderful chocolate cake that used up my banana chips, as well as a little bit of ripe bananas.

This chocolate banana chip cake would be a perfect replacement for anything you would normally buy from the supermarket or local shop. It baked up really well and it is just a perfect homemade chocolate cake you can bake up so quick and easy. The chocolate banana chip cake was so soft and yummilicious ---- Yes, a hassle-free and simple to bake cake!

chocolate and banana chip cake (6)

Baked in the oven until the cake is perfectly cooked and then just decorated and topped with some few banana chips --- and yea, breakfast or lunch dessert is served,  Just As Simple As That & It Can't Be Any Simpler. You might think that there is absolutely nothing  so fanciful  about  this  cake,  but  that  doesn't  make  it boring, not even one bit...  However, if  you are searching  for  something  to  boost up  the cake a little  bit, then you  can  try decorating it with some fondants, icing sugar, adding few nuts, fresh fruits, angel marshmallow or even chocolate chips.

chocolate and banana chip cake (5)

I can assure that the most interesting and fulfilling part of cooking or baking is taking any recipe, tweaking it and then coming up with your own version. Even though I mentioned earlier on that my reason for choosing this recipe is to use up some banana chips, but I have no doubt that you can as well replace the banana chip with any other ingredient of choice and it will still turn out delicious. So you go for whatever pleases you and whatever you can afford!

I replaced the sugar with some drops of maple syrup and this cake still turned out sweet and I suppose the sweetness came from both the banana chips and ripe bananas. So its definitely up to you to decide whether to use sugar or not and what you want to use as a replacement.

chocolate and banana chip cake (2)

Every member of the family enjoyed the cake especially hubby and it was so disheartening that the cake vanished so quickly that I barely had the chance to have some bites from it... But, don't get me wrong, I'm ain't complaining after-all, the joy of cooking and baking for your household is to see everyone cherish and appreciate your food... I can bet you that when this is the case, the whole food gets finished within a twinkling of an eye :D

chocolate and banana chip cake (3)
I hope you will enjoy this cake as you happily give it a try.


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