Watch this video recipe of an Instant Pot Cake!


When I ran across a Betty Crocker cherry chip cake mix the last time I went for a grocery shopping, right away, I had the urge to try out the cake mix and I'm so glad I did. What actually peaked my interest with the cake mix was the fact that it contains some cherry chips, which made the cake look so colourful. The moment I threw that cake mix into my shopping cart, I knew right away that it was high time I baked up something quickly especially with my instant pot. It's my first time baking with an instant pot so I decided to experiment to see what the outcome will be. Not bad at all!
Today I'm sharing a quick and simple instant pot cake recipe you can fix from the comfort of your kitchen. Interestingly, the recipe is pretty easy and it calls for only a few ingredients - eggs, milk, oil, vanilla and cake mix. That's basically it. Like I previously mentioned, this is a pretty simple recipe anyone can easily whip up. The finished cake is kind of spongy, super flavorful, moist and full of texture. The cherry chips in the cake mix imparted a colourful appearance on the cake. The vanilla flavour wasn't very pronounced and the whole ingredients paired up so well to yield a delicious cake.
Personally, prepping and baking this cake wasn't an issue at all. Everything worked out so well, right up until I wanted to decorate the cake. I thought I had enough icing sugar at home but unfortunately, I was wrong. Since I didn't have the time to go back to the grocery shop nor the ingredients for glazing this cake properly, I did the only thing I could. Leave it plain! Sometimes, simplicity is all that matters. As you can see from the video and pictures, I lined the instant pot air fryer basket with a foil and baking sheet. That way, I easily pulled out the cake from the air fryer basket.
I oiled my makeshift cake pan with vegetable oil about as much as I possibly could. This helped to prevent the cake from sticking to the sides. I have to admit that the way I integrated the aluminium foil into this baking process was so helpful in extracting the cake from the pan. I may or may not apply this approach in the future. Well, this decision depends solely on my ability to get a cake pan that can perfectly fit into the instant pot. Otherwise, I will stick to my makeshift method. After all, the goal is to have my cake baked. The good thing about this approach is that the cake came out so easily without sticking to the pan or the foil. So it's a Win-win. In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical to apply this approach, but in the end, it actually didn't come out as bad as I thought it would.
Since this is my first time using the instant pot to bake a cake, I started off at 30mins but the cake wasn't properly done so I had to leave it longer for another 30mins. So a total of one hour to properly bake the cake. It's just unfortunate that I couldn't use the icing sugar glaze I had planned to use but there is always another day for new recipes. I hope to use some nice glazings on my cakes in the future but for now, I'm happy with this one. As long as the cake tastes nice, who cares about icing sugar glaze. So, some slices of this instant pot cake for a lovely breakfast, dessert for brunch or lunch or dinner and you will feel so satisfied. The cake is delicious on its own or can be paired with any drink of choice. Enjoy and remember to stay safe.


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