Watch this video recipe of instant pot Coconut rice!


This recipe may not be appealing to some people, but believe you me, it is one of my favourites. You probably might have noticed that there are several methods of cooking coconut rice. Each method with its own lists of ingredients, the ratio of water to rice and duration of cooking the rice. Well, each method depends on the type of rice available for cooking or the accompanying recipe or ingredient lists. There is no doubt that most of these methods and recipes do turn out yummy batches of delicious meals. Personally, I am not the picky type, in as much as the rice cooked well. However, this particular recipe is my personal recipe and I am fascinated by the fact that using an instant pot for its preparation turned out to be a great decision.
The entire processes leading to the finished yummy meal weren't tedious at all. And I have no doubts that once you try out this recipe, you will never turn back. I love my instant pot so dearly not just because it presents me with a perfect pot of rice each time I use it, but simply because it quickly cooks up the rice whenever I want to make a quick one. I can also cook a really big batch of rice so I can have it in the fridge to warm up when needed.
This is the first time I am cooking coconut rice with an instant pot and I am happy that it didn't disappoint me at all. So, it is my pleasure for me to share this special instant pot Coconut rice recipe of mine with you in case you are searching for a reliable method of cooking coconut rice with an instant pot. Please, my dear, look no further, this recipe is just for you. Honestly, my favourite part of this recipe is the fact that it's cooked in the instant pot, and not cooked on the cooker. What this entails is that I throw in all the ingredients into the instant pot, secure the lid and let it cook for 4 minutes. But my best practice for cooking rice in an instant pot is to first parboil the rice for 2 minutes using the pressure cooker function, after which I thoroughly wash the rice before finally cooking it again for another 2 minutes. Feel free to also check out how to easily cook white rice in an instant pot here. There is actually nothing so difficult about this recipe because it is super easy to put things together in a jiffy.
While the rice is cooking, you can prepare the rest of the side-dishes or vegetables you want to garnish the meal with or you can do whatever that pleases you. May I appeal to you to add this easy rice recipe to your repository as I can assure you that you will be glad to use it over and over again. Any cooked fish, meat or salad of choice finishes off the whole meal and sums up everything together. I decided to use spring onions for topping off this coconut rice. Give this recipe a try if you have all the ingredients at hand. If all the ingredients are not available, you might as well use whatever choice of ingredients that appease you. Use a stovetop or cooker instead if you don't own an instant pot but in that case, you will allow the rice to cook longer until it is done. Just explore your options and come up with a fantastic meal for not just you alone but for the rest of your family and friends. Honestly, this is the part I love so much about cooking. It is just a brilliant means of letting out your imagination do exploits, so go ahead and have some fun.


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