Watch this video recipe of unripe plantain porridge!


I've always been a huge fan of plantain - both ripe and unripe. But I always go for the unripe ones especially when my body starts rooting for a highly nutritious intake. Yes, unripe plantain is notable for its high constituent of natural resistant starch, which is helpful for reducing the blood glucose level. So, you now know why unripe plantain is always recommended for diabetic patients. Personally, I refer to unripe plantain as "the best food companion for diabetic patients". Besides, unripe plantain is an excellent source of essential vitamins as well as powerful antioxidants that are helpful for preventing and tackling diseases.
Nutritious, Healthy, Yummy, Quick and Easy are some of the admirable phrases I love to hear whenever I come in close contact with unripe plantains. This unripe plantain porridge recipe perfectly fits the bill for anything healthy and delicious. So if you have eaten unripe plantain porridge before, I encourage you to continue eating this highly nutritious meal. But then, you probably have to consider trying this particular recipe when next you cook your unripe plantain. On the other hand, if this is your first time and you are willing to try out a new recipe this summer, with a careful selection of nutritious vegetables and spices, then this recipe is just for you. This is one of the plantain recipes you will be happy to try because this one turned out so well. It was highly nutritious, healthy, flavourful, delightful and was pretty easy to make. So once you have all the ingredients ready, simply follow the instructions detailed in this recipe below and within a few minutes, lunch or dinner is served.
If you scroll down this post to the "Ingredients section", you will observe that there is indeed a long list of ingredients. Yes, the list of ingredients for this amazing plantain dish seems a bit long. But relax! Irrespective of the lengthy list of ingredients, this adorable dish is indeed super easy and seamlessly easy to make. Although a couple of the ingredients are spices, of which you don't really need to bother yourself if you already have them in your kitchen. Interestingly, the main ingredient in this recipe is the unripe plantain. What this entails is that you can tweak the rest of the ingredients to best suit what you have at hand. If you do not have any fish to complement the dish, you might as well cook the unripe plantain porridge without fish or with either beef, chicken etc. The choice of spices is also optional, so go for the spices that best suit your taste bud. But bear in mind that you have to cook the plantain porridge into a palatable dish. LOL
For this recipe, the main players are the unripe plantains, red snapper fish, the vegetables and the aromatic spices. These main players with the rest of the ingredients actually paired up so well in the cooking pot to yield a fantastic meal. So lovely and too good to ignore! Well, you might say that peeling, washing, grating, cutting up and preparing some of the ingredients do consume a lot of time. Personally, I don't consider doing these few food preps as a tedious job. Once all the ingredients have been prepped and converted into the final state they ought to be, then cooking the meal is just a breeze. The good news is that you can prepare these ingredients ahead of time and then keep them in the fridge until you are ready to use them. Once everything is ready, the unripe plantain porridge basically should not take a long time to cook at all.
You can never go wrong with a plate of this porridge graciously served on the dining table for you. Let me also quickly highlight that I like the consistency of this porridge. However, you are free to add less liquid or more liquid and adjust the thickness of the porridge to suit your palate. Whichever type you choose would turn out well I believe. Once your delicious pot of unripe plantain porridge is ready, then some slices of fresh tomatoes to complement the dish is all you further need to do. Although this idea of garnishing the meal with some slices of fresh tomatoes is entirely optional. But I must attest that the duo truly was a perfect match made in heaven.


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