I am just super excited to share one of my sweet mummy's favourite food recipes. As a growing child till I moved in with my better-half :D I can hardly count a whole week or month coming to an end without mummy preparing plantain moi moi, which is known as ukpo ogede in my Ibo dialect.

My mum dearly loves every bit of this dish and I kind of know exactly the brain behind this. Her likeness for this dish kind of transcended to every member of the family because she cooks it perfectly well that even if you haven't tasted this special dish before, you would be forced to do so.

Obviously, once you've tasted it for the first thing, you would definitely want to eat it over and over and over and over and over aaaaggggaiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn..................... That's pretty how well my mum cooks this dish to perfection and I very well applaud her for all her efforts in making me a better me today!!!

plantain moi moi

By just looking at this deliciously cooked plantain moi moi (ukpo ogede), I believe you won't doubt how fantastic, enticing and yummilicious the dish is and I can assure you that it never fails at all.

So peradventure you are searching for a unique recipe to prepare for the family or a unique dish to prepare for your upcoming party or events, why not give this plantain moi moi dish a go. I bet you will never be disappointed and no doubt your family members, visitors or party attendees will definitely call for more of this palatable dish.

plantain moi moi ukpo ogede (4)

Another thing is if you are that kind of individual that loves trying new cuisines and other people's foods then this recipe is specially for you.

Even if you don't get around making this dish this time around, I urge you to save the recipe by either pinning it or yumming it so that you can always go back to it anytime you are ready to give it a go. One good thing about this plantain moi moi recipe is that it is pretty easy to prepare and the ingredients are quite easy to come-by.

plantain moi moi ukpo ogede (5)

Putting this dish together is a no brainer as the combination of ingredients with the cooking method is something that will definitely facinate you. Its not a tedious recipe and only has quite a few steps to follow for your palatable plantain moi moi (ukpo ogede) to be ready for your enjoyment.

I can assure you that the final result of this dish is worth it!!! The combination of main ingredients such as ripe plantains and corn really blended up perfectly well for a completely delicious meal you can never get enough of.

plantain moi moi

Another good thing that entices me about this dish is that it only calls for minimal spices in the sense that once you add few drops of oil, pinch of salt, fresh pepper and stock cube then the dish is deliciously ready to be served. This is the type of dish that is all weather because it is suitable for both gluten-free people, vegan people and everyone.

plantain moi moi ukpo ogede (2)

I urge you to follow the recipe shared below in order to give this exotic plantain dish a try for a really good treat. If you enjoy this post and recipe, please share your opinion with us on the comment box – Every opinion counts!!!

Loads of Love From Blessing

plantain moi moi ukpo ogede (3)


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