Plantain or cooking plantain is among the major staple foods that is mainly cultivated  in the Caribbean Islands, Africa, South and Central America. One good thing about plantain is that it can be prepared on its own as snacks or as main meal while at the same time can be used as an ingredient for preparing other side or main dishes.

I love plantains because they are so delicious and pretty easy to be converted into some delightful dishes.  Moreover, muffins are among my list of favourite snacks because they are quite easy and simple to whip up if you want something quick for breakfast or midday snacks. Even though I love muffins but I rarely make them ...... since I was motivated to use up the remaining ripe plantain I had lying around in my kitchen, I thought it right to make some really yummy plantain muffins.

Watch this short but interesting video on how to bake some yummy plantain muffins with much ease!!!


No doubt there are loads of recipes for muffins out there but one good thing I enjoy about homemade muffins is that sense of ownership whereby you can control whatever ingredients you are throwing into the muffins cups. 

Another interesting muffin recipe I would like to share any time soonish is the banana muffin recipe and I hope to share this recipe asap because it is such type of muffin that can keep you salivating for ages.

plantain muffins-3
I made these muffins with easily available baking ingredients in my kitchen and I am glad I did so. They are so captivating, promising and tempting to taste so if you are considering any healthy muffin recipes to include in your list of recipes then this plantain muffins recipe ideally fits the bill.

There are different recipes for plantains such as plantain moi-moi, fried plantain, plantain porridge and kelewele ~ to name but a few and I have decided to include this plantain muffins recipe into my long list of plantain recipes.

plantain muffins

Even though I’ve made this recipe several times but I recently realized that I haven’t shared this recipe with my readers and here I am doing justice to it. Pardon me if its coming a bit late ? 

These muffins came out of the oven with perfectly rounded top, exactly the way I wanted them to look. Besides, I admire those adorable mushroom tops that never overflowed the muffin cups. Moreover, they turned out quite delicious, yummy, corny, soft and with a little bit of sweetness from the plantain and sugar.

plantain muffins (1)

Since the batter wasn't too thick, it was quite easy to whip and scoop into the muffin cups. Even though the batter looked like a glob initially, yet the final outcome came out quite well.

Although I call them plantain muffins but I was tempted to rename them to plantain cakes after munching through the whole muffins with Iyke. But nothing to worry at all - - - either plantain muffins or plantain cakes; either name is perfectly okay for me.

plantain muffins

What really matters is that the muffins are amazingly soft, tasty, delicious and packed with nice aroma. While making these plantain muffins, I realized that I didn't have any nuts at hand otherwise they could have been a perfect pair and would equally boost the flavor and feel of these muffins.

plantain muffins-2

What else can I say than to recommend this fantastic recipe for you peradventure you are searching for an extra unique breakfast treat. No doubt this particular plantain recipe is a must try for everyone.

Ciao From Blessing :D



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