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It's been a sunny and hot week here so far as summer is gallantly gearing up to make its grand debut. With the rising temperatures and the beautiful sunny skies, my palate has been craving for delicious, flavourful, warm and satisfying dishes. This yam porridge recipe perfectly fits this bill. Yam porridge, which is also known as yam pottage or pottage yam is a popular yam delicacy distinguished by its juicy thickened porridge. Fresh yam pieces in a thick aromatic porridge sauce and finished off with some fresh green spring onions is what this recipe stands for. Although this might not be your traditional delicacy, but your tastebud will applaud you for introducing it to this sumptuous dish. Besides, it is always a good thing to try out something new. Yes, I am a strong advocate of "trying something new" and this recipe won't be a bad choice if you add it to your list of recipes to try. It is tasty, aromatic, delicious, healthy and packed with loads of goodies to satisfy your body. A perfect dish to feast on while admiring the beauty of the sun through the living room window while curled up on the sofa.

Just so you know that this is not a difficult-to-prepare meal at all. Once you have all the ingredients in place, peel the yam, chop the peppers, slice up the onions and wash the meat. I always prefer to start off by cooking the meat until tender, that way the meat doesn't prove hard or tough to bite on when the yam has already cooked. While the meat is cooking, that's when I spend time peeling the yam and getting the rest of the ingredients ready for the task ahead. Once everything is ready, including the meat, I then sauté the peppers (sweet and chilli). Afterwards, I added the cooked goat meat into the sautéing sauce to fry them up a wee bit before proceeding to add the meat broth. This is followed by the addition of the yam pieces and the rest of the ingredients except the green spring onions. Yes, I let the spring onion come last simply because I want to retain that greenishness and nutrients.
Once all the ingredients have found their ways into the pot, it is now time to cook the yam porridge until the flavours have infused in properly, the yam softened and the porridge thickened. But you can decide not to allow the porridge to get as thick as mine. Simply stick with the consistency you prefer. Yes, yam porridge tends to taste heavenly when cooked well and it remains a great dish to feast on whenever you feel like eating yam. Garnish it off with any fresh vegetables of choice, spoon the yam porridge into a bowl and enjoy your yummy meal. It is satisfying and filling at the same time that you would want to eat it over and over again.
I have made this yam porridge countless times now and have realised that I really enjoy cooking it with sweet peppers. I love the sweet taste and colour they add to the porridge. If you like sweet peppers as I do, I encourage you to use them for cooking this meal. A couple of long or short red sweet peppers can never hurt at all, so go ahead and use them. I also added the spices I have at hand but you can adjust the spices to your taste or use the ones you have available. Whatever you deem right works best so just go for it. There is no doubt that adding some pieces of dry stockfish fillets was a brilliant choice. I think cooking certain dishes with dry stockfish is always amazing, so if you haven't tried it before, give it a shot! Ok, I have other tips I want to share with you about cooking your yam porridge.
What can you do if the yam is hard to cook or the yam porridge fails to thicken?
1. Use a hard object and hit all over the yam before peeling it. Don't hit the yam so hard to the extent that it starts breaking apart.
2. If the porridge still fails to thicken, scoop out 2 to 3 cooked yams from the pot into a mortar and mash with a pestle or add them in a blender and blend. Then add the mashed or blended yam into the yam porridge and continue cooking until thickened.
So, if you are searching for an impressive meal that is elegant, delicious, comforting, aromatic and easy, search no further because you have landed on the right page. Yes, you heard me right! I have the perfect recipe for you. This yam porridge combines all the necessary ingredients into one pot for a complete sumptuous meal that you and everyone around you can enjoy.


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