Watch this video recipe of Quarantine Barbeque!


Just a quick one!
Last Sunday was a sunny day, so hubby and I decided to give ourselves a special outdoor treat. With the current lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 menace, going outdoors has become one of the best luxuries to enjoy. We felt it will be a good idea if we can just host a mini-family outdoor activity just to put back our mental health in perfect shape. It was a spontaneous decision though but it turned out to be a worthwhile one. That's how we ended up with a pre-summer barbeque. LOL.

Interestingly, the sun was so kind to us and graced our outdoor moments with it's warmest features - warm, sunny, gracious, refreshing, relaxing and fun. Since I have some of the key ingredients for spicing up our goat meat, I only pleaded with hubby to rush down to our nearest grocery store and grab us some fresh veggies to complement the bbq. I quickly brought out the goat meat from the freezer, thawed it and got set for our bbq.
Because it was such a relaxing moment for me, I didn't bother using any particular recipe for this bbq. I wanted something simple but yet satisfying. That's how I roll especially whenever I find myself making a spontaneous meal or dish. So I just grabbed a few ingredients I have at hand for the meat and threw them one after the other into the goat meat without any actual measurements.
In the end, the result was just simply amazing. Pairing the bbq goat meat with some fresh tomatoes, onions, cucumber and red cabbage was a perfect match made in heaven. The combo was not only so delicious but equally nutritious. Your body system will be silently chanting "thank you so so much" while you are busy pushing down each of the combos into your stomach---winks.
I will still make a proper bbq summer recipe when the time comes but for now, you can scroll down for the recipe or watch the video recipe above and follow through the steps if you want to make a quick bbq too for yourself. Enjoy!


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