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Oven roasted chicken is a brilliant way to relax over your lunch paired with a glass of juice or delicious main meal. Yesterday was Sunday and a perfect time to relax together with family and friends; I had wanted to fire up the grill with some charcoals at the garden for a hot smokey grilled barbecued chicken. But the weather was unfair to us here  because it was slightly chilly and cloudy hence my plans didn't work out. But not to worry, another sunny day will come soonish, since summer is right here with us... 

Because the day started out a bit chilly and cloudy yesterday, I was so reluctant to go out. I remained indoors and thought it right to keep my mouth warm with some hot deliciously roasted chicken and a glass of wine with few fruits and vegetables, which all turned out to be a perfect lunch. Interestingly, I had some frozen chicken in the freezer and all the ingredients were just there in the kitchen cupboard poking at me. 
Grilled BBQ Chicken (5)

Everyone enjoys simple classic homemade dishes and oven roasted chicken is not an exception. Along with some carefully selected spices, herbs and ingredients and within some minutes, the chicken is as good as done.
It can't get any simpler and more straight forward than this.....

Just wash and get the chicken ready, add in a cooking bag or oven dish, add all the selected ingredients and mix together. For this recipe, I used the Maggi  SO Juicy BBQ Spices, Amoy dark soy sauce, chilli pepper with other local herbs and spices.
Grilled BBQ Chicken (3)

So I had no better options than to do justice to them.

Honestly, this is among the easiest and quickest way to put together some tantalizing chicken. I thawed out the chicken, washed them before adding the ingredients. Although the original recipe calls for marinating for at least 1 hour but honestly, my taste bud lacked some patience to wait for additional 1 hr. But most importantly is that the chicken still came out perfectly tasty and delicious.
Grilled BBQ Chicken (2)For some additional flavor I added few bay leaves, basil leaves and parsley leaves and a couple of chilli pepper and mixed herbs for a great flavor. I served the chicken with some tasty sauce for dipping and that served as the icing on the cake. Honestly, it was just the perfect lunch to warm up the family on a cloudy Sunday.
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