Cold weather usually prompts me yearning for warm, spicy and hearty dishes at any time of the day. While I was busy perusing through the freezer, these chicken breasts yelled out my name and insisting that it is high time I turned them into some really spicy and delicious dish ~ ~ ~ Ooooooppppppsssssss

Before we go further, here is a quick video on how to easily make breaded chicken breasts!!!

Well, it immediately struck my mind that the best call to action to satisfy these lumpy, skinless, boneless chicken breasts was to convert them into some breaded chicken breasts. Basically, one thing is to come up with a recipe to make and the next is to make sure that you have the necessary ingredients that can perfectly complement the recipe. Luckily for me, I had most of the basic ingredients to turn those chicken breasts into a yummilicious and flavourful dish and there you go --- some amazing breaded chicken breasts that were really palatable and satisfying to the core.

breaded chicken breast-2

I love baking and I am ready to bake whatever edible :D personally, I think it gives food some unique taste. But the only problem is that while baking is superb, yet not all food are meant to baked otherwise, it could have been so phenomenal baking every meal. Throwing together all the ingredients to coat the chicken breasts is just something easily achievable since all you need are plain flour, chicken breasts, any sauce of choice, vegetable oil, black peppercorn, egg, paprika, salt, fresh thyme leaves and last but not the least, the main man breadcrumbs.

But regardless the list of ingredients I have shared above, you are free to use whatever spices or ingredients you like but do ensure you coat them properly in order to to give them that amazing and captivating final outlook you so desire.

breaded chicken breast-3

Lumps of chicken breasts, coated with some flour, breadcrumbs, egg and few spicy ingredients sounded like that perfect dish to please my long craving for a wwwaaarrmmmyyyy, spicy and delicious meal, which turned out to be so.

Not only were these chicken breasts very easy to make, they were equally made without too much of ingredients and yet they baked out very well, flvourful and captivating. For me, they complement both the weather as well as the season and I can say that I am quite impressed with the dish.


Yummilicious, quick, spicy, flavorful and appetizing; a perfect dish when it comes to a quick side dish for either lunch or dinner. These breaded chicken breasts are just all about that.

Most importantly is that the recipe only requires few ingredients, itsy-bitsy of preparation work and some minutes in the oven for you to relax and enjoy some really palatable and satisfying chicken dish, which I think is suitable for everyone to enjoy.

breaded chicken breast-4

While you can make this chicken dish without the breadcrumbs, I doubt if I would be willing to do so since the chicken breasts look so nice with the breadcrumbs all over them.

The combination of all the ingredients turned out pretty nice even as the juice from the chicken breasts blends in very well while baking. The fresh thyme leaves were just the icing on the cake ~ sooooooo flavourful, aromatic and tasty, which I think was a brilliant pair for the dish.

breaded chicken breast-5

This is just a straightforward recipe and I doubt if it can actually be any simpler!!! Simple recipe, simple ingredients, simple equipment but yet tremendous and WINNING OUTCOME!!!

These breaded chicken breasts actually made me happy and I believe you too can follow suit. So, why not grab the necessary ingredients, hit the kitchen and dig out this recipe!!! I can assure you that you will be happy you did so.

Ciao from Blessing :D



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