I am delighted to share this special chicken tikka recipe with you. I know that there are loads of chicken tikka recipes out there, but preparing this particular one in my own way gives me a special joy. Besides, twisting the ingredients and the method of preparation in a way that suits me is something that I am always completely ready for.
For this chicken tikka, I decided to use some simple ingredients that anyone can easily find in a nearby shop. So don't get curious on the possibility of finding the ingredients as the ingredients are easily available anywhere, anytime.
Since I have the essential ingredients to get this special dish started, I did not hesitate to put these chicken tikkas together for you. And I hope you like them? Please just let me know if you do in the "comment section".

Before you go further with the story behind this recipe, let me quickly wow your taste-bud with this short clip of chicken tikkas!!!

Honestly, I always like simple and tasty meals and these chicken tikkas are the kind of chops I enjoy especially on sunny summer weather.
I found it really interesting, throwing in all the ingredients (onions, sweet pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, yellow bell pepper, ginger, chicken paprika, jerk seasoning, piripiri seasoning, black pepper, Knorr cube, salt, lemon juice, butter and honey) into the blender and then giving them all some really nice blitz.

Just a gentle reminder - Don't be scared or put off by some of the seasonings I have used in this recipe. Feel free to use whatever seasoning you have at hand!!! I can confidently tell you that I was quite impressed with how the marinade turned out. Yes, a really tasty and flavourful marinade was all I needed to compliment those chicken breasts cubes.

I always prefer placing the marinated chicken breasts in the fridge for at least a couple of hours so that the ingredients can penetrate really well into the chicken. This method is also recommended for any type of meat you want to grill or roast.
After combining the marinade with the chicken breasts, I covered the container with a nylon cling wrap and then placed them in the fridge for at least 2 hours. After bringing out the marinated chicken breasts from the fridge, I assembled them in skewers and then put them in the oven for a nice grill.
The final product came out so flavourful and aromatic that two of my neighbours popped in to say "Hi" the moment they perceived the aroma gushing out from my kitchen. Once the chicken tikkas were properly grilled and done, I brought them out from the oven and garnished them off with some fresh spring onions.
This is what this recipe is all about - grilled chicken breasts garnished off with spring onions, one of my favourite vegetables. It might also interest you to know that these chicken tikkas make amazing leftovers too. Although I had no leftovers this time around as many mouths were ready to devour the tikkas even before they were ready.
Do not say that you were not told! This is definitely a recipe you MUST try on your own. I bet you won't regret you did! Personally, I will make these chicken tikkas a couple of times during this summer and I hope you too.

Bon Appétit!!!


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