If you are searching for a simple and appetizing kabab recipe, look no further because I have the recipe right here for you. This chicken seekh kabab is quick and easy to make but yet very tasty, flavorful and captivating. Interestingly, this chicken seekh kabab contains some of my all time favorite ingredients namely; minced chicken, coriander leaves, bell peppers, onions, bay leaves, tomberry tomatoes.

I can tell you for sure that the combination is a winning one. I enjoy eating my chicken seekh kabab with some freshly sliced onions, vegetable oil, fresh tomberry tomatoes and some bits of fresh bell peppers.

Chicken Sheekh Kabab (1)

So this chicken seekh kababs merged all of those great ingredients into some tantalizing side dish that everyone will definitely enjoy. While I enjoy making homemade kababs, I also enjoy using easily available ingredients as a brilliant way of getting things easily done.

Apart from the listed ingredients, the other things you need are some skewers and your mixture of minced chicken and veggies will be ready within few minutes. I don't know about you but my all times favorite vegetables for kabobs are fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and onions but then you can also use whatever vegetables you desire.

Chicken Sheekh Kabab (3)

seekh kabab Just combine the minced chicken, mixed spices, salt, blended pepper, blended onions, squeezed coriander and bay leaves all together, mold the mixture as shown in the pictures. Then skew those kababs, sliced onions, bell pepper and tomatoes through skewers and you have for yourself some delightful side-dish on the skewers.

Chicken Sheekh Kabab (2)

I usually prefer marinating my minced chicken and the other ingredients for at least 2 hours before molding them into shapes and then finally grilling them. This method greatly helps to boost the flavor as well as prevent the kababs from getting dried out. For these chicken seekh kababs, I used the Yoshida's sauce, which is one of my all times marinades I often use on almost all the meats I grill.

The sauce really makes the chicken tasty and yummy, but you can always use whatever marinade you prefer or you can even make it without any.

Once the seekh kababs have been skewed then pop them into the oven and allow to grill until cooked. Afterwards, serve the kababs warm with some sliced onions and tomatoes or serve as desired.

Just give it the recipe a try, and I bet you will enjoy the treat.

Chicken Sheekh Kabab (5)


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