Let me set the record straight to emphasize that I absolutely love chicken dishes. All kinds of chicken dishes, it doesn't really matter....... So I was thrilled to grill some chicken suya for dinner last night. It might interest you to know that making chicken suya does not take a whole lot of work to be ready, besides the dish is not an expensive one to go for.

Interestingly, chicken suya is quite simple, quick and easy to make, and are ever ready right away. A basic suya recipe is made up of beef, however it is entirely up to you to choose the type of meat you want to use for preparation either chicken, lamb or even fish. But the good news is that whichever version usually tastes good once you use the ideal spices.

Suya is of Hausa Nigerian origin; a popular staple side-dish by the local people of Northern part of Nigeria as well as a popular roadside dish especially for travellers from both the Eastern, Western Southern part of Nigeria. Suya is presently attracting more popularity in other African countries and all over the world.

Other countries have different names and recipes for suya, for example, the turkish call it halep kebab, shish kebab, Ghana call it tsitsinga or chichinga, Chinese have a Xinjiang dish known as Chenjeh kabab, Indians have Bihari kabab, Irans have Chelow kabab, Spanish have Pincho moruno etc. It is noteworthy that each type of these meat dishes have different recipes and tastes but they all taste very good.

nigerian chicken suyaThe Nigerian chicken suya is usually prepared by knitting the meat through skewers after being spiced, before grilling or roasting them. It can be prepared with peppery and ground ginger condiment/spices (yaji), peanut/groundnut powder extracts (kuli-kuli) or homemade peanut butter. Homemade chicken suya is just about as easy as it gets. You do not necessarily need any deluxe equipment or ingredients and it can be ready for consumption within few minutes. All you require to start is some meat of choice and necessary spices.

Skewers of any kind, a grill pan and heat are the only other equipment that you really do need. Once you have all these ready, all it takes are some heating and a bit of patience and you will have for yourself some tantalizing chicken suya.... ready as a snack or for any main meal you might imagine! You can also compliment the chicken suya with some freshly sliced onions or tomatoes and I bet you that eating your peppery suya with some fresh veggies goes a long way in cooling down the hot spicy heat to taste.

For people living in the Western world, it is important to note that the suya ingredients can be purchased from African shops. Due to the peppery nature of the suya condiments, it is important that you wear gloves before mixing the meat; alternatively do endeavour to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water in the absence of hand gloves.


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