Spicy Chilli Chicken

Spicy Chilli Chicken

spicy chilli chickenAll over the world especially in Europe, the United States or Australia, you will notice that chicken is seemingly a basic meat in our usual diet. As a teenager, I witnessed my mom come up with different recipes for chicken and being a huge chicken fan, I would pay total attention to all her assorted recipes.
I have always longed to come up with my own version of chicken dish, and this recipe is part of my long list of personal  recipe. Few days ago, while I was considering a unique chicken recipe to serve for dinner, I thought of this recipe and decided to give it a go.
roasted_chicken(1)This spicy chilli chicken is different from the usual one because I tweaked the ingredients to suit my taste, giving me some unique distinctive taste and aroma for my delight.... Yes, I made this spicy chilli chicken and I did enjoyed it!!!
The first step is to wash the chicken thoroughly, then add in a clean bowl and add all the necessary ingredients before mixing properly. This is followed by placing the chicken in the fridge to marinate for few hours. Afterwards, bring out from the fridge, wrap the chicken with foil. All set to head over to the oven.
While this is not the traditional spicy chilli chicken you know, I can still beat my chest affirmingly to say that it turned out quite aromatic, tasty, tantalizing and I will definitely make it over and over again. You might think that this recipe is very difficult to prepare but believe you me, it is very far away from difficulty.
Although it wasn't difficult to prepare, yet it took quite some time to cook properly which wasn't much an issue for me since I prepared it while also carrying out other house chores. That's the beauty of this chicken dish because it takes less time to get ready before popping it into the oven to sort itself out. Besides, there are just quite a few steps to follow and I think it is just a perfect recipe to make for your family, friends or visitors and it would also be easy to garnish it with other side dishes.
You can even garnish this spicy chilli chicken with some side dishes such as vegetables, salad, broccoli or with some main dishes such as rice, beans, potatoes etc. Whatever you enjoy eating alongside with this chicken dish, they are all super delicious and super amazing.
The last bit of the recipe is to pop the chicken into a pre-heated oven of 200-250 oC, then allow the chicken to cook until done.
spicy chilli chicken
This spicy chilli chicken came out pretty well.... applause to all the available ingredients in my kitchen which are all amazing. These ingredients are peanut butter, olive oil, maggi cubes, onions, chilli pepper, bell peppers, black peppercorn, local spices etc.
The dish was right on point, a perfect complement to my Caesar Salad dinner. Chicken is a domesticated fowl of the red junglefowl sub-specie which is a very famous food all over the world. The fact that it is healthy, delicious and tantalizing gets people prepare it in diverse ways.
Ranging from bon bon chicken, Buffalo wing, buldak,  cafreal, fried chicken, butter chicken, barbecue chicken, roasted chicken, tandoori chicken grilled chicken and chicken soup... to name but a few! Chicken is a highly valuable meat among different people and different beliefs for different festivals and different occasions.
Human beings rear chickens for food which is derived from their eggs and meat. Studies report that over 50 billion chickens are being reared annually and its comparably low cost has made it one of the most widely used meats all over the world.
Health Benefits of Chicken
Chicken is an excellent source of zinc, protein, vitamins B6, vitamin B12, selenium,magnesium, niacin and vitamin E, vitamin A,iron and omega-3 fatty acid.
Try out this recipe and I bet you will enjoy it.


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