Sometimes, it can be tough for me to select side dishes. I usually don't have issues with the main meals as that is the easiest part but coming up with the side dishes......mmmmmmmmm

Let me just pause it for now but no doubts that making the right choice of side dishes is always so satisfying, comforting and inspiring to compliment a main meal.

spicy green olives_

That's why sometimes I end up with no side dishes; on some other times, it could be fruits or even salad. Whichever one is just brilliant for me and you can bet me on any of them.

So right now, I'm kind of having some sweet moments with green olives. This morning while I was just considering what to compliment my lunch with, I came across some green olives with seeds in my fridge and there and then I decided to give this recipe a go. 

spicy green olives

This is the easiest recipe you can think of because all you need to do is to slightly heat up the olive oil, stir in all the ingredients, then followed by the green olives. Just as simple as that!

The list of ingredients that accompanied the olives were just a perfect match and they drew out all the natural aroma and taste hidden in the olives.... Don't just get me wrong but this is true. I can bet you too will applaud my statement once you just try it out on your own.

Honestly, it was a perfect decision because I actually had all the complimenting ingredients which is just fantastic! Spicy green olives may be far away from something new but tweaking the recipe and coming up with your own method and choice of ingredients is just the tip of the iceberg and just super amazing. Honestly, this spicy green olives were absolutely fabulous, delicious and flavourful.

spicy green olives (1)

Although some recipes, requires marinating the olives for 3-4 days but guys, that is just way too far for a quickie side dish... Whichever one is still okay depending on your patience threshold. For me, my own patience threshold was so low this afternoon so I had to follow the quickest recipe and believe you me, the spicy green olives came out very tantalising and delicious. You can bet me on this!

Unfortunately I can't pass on the olives to you right now to taste for yourself {Winks, Winks,, Winks} but I believe you too can give yourself some special treats by preparing for yourself, some delicious spicy green olives.



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