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Permit me to interest you today with a specially selected recipe of green Thai chicken and wild rice salad. This is a dish involving a bowl piled up high with spiced cooked wild rice, rice noodles, edamame, diced chives, sliced vegetables, spicy-fried chicken and spicy-herb cream dip. Superdeliicciiooussss, that’s what I think.

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I was discussing with my husband a few days ago about cooking some wild rice and how much I enjoy doing it and eating it. It's pretty much better, yummier and fantastically cheaper to make it at home than buying it from restaurants, and it's not difficult at all to do. Besides, you can customize it to your precise standard and taste!

To applaud why I always call him my partner-in-crime, my hubby suggested that I complement the wild rice with some selection of freshly made salad and some spicy dip for a match.

Since vegetable salad is a perfect side-dish to have on hand for any main meal for lunch, dinner or whatever, I decided to go for it. After fewer persuasions from him, I decided to make him a big bowl of green Thai chicken and wild rice salad just to show him what homemade version of this dish can be and taste like.

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Iyke and I have a burning interest in fresh vegetables these days because it gives us all the nutrients and vitamins we possibly could spend more quids buying from the pharmacy and I can assure you that it is among the best decisions we have taken of recent.

Besides, it allows us the freedom to spend less and yet gain all the much advocated 5-A-DAY World Health Organisation daily nutrient intake. Personally, it saves me time in the kitchen since I can easily set-up a quick meal within few minutes except when I have all the time to experiment and cook some really delicious and big time-consuming dishes.

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In reference to cooking, I can say for sure that I enjoy it to bits and it's one of my best hobbies. What other special hobby will a married woman have than cooking and taking good care of the family.

Ooopss... Don't get me wrong, I'm ain't saying that women are only good in the kitchen and that cooking should be their only hobbies, nooooo....... What I am saying in essence is that family is a priority and upholding one's family should remain on top of the list.

Regardless of your distinctive career and tight business schedules, you still have to create room for your family and find ways of making sure that your loved ones don't move around on empty stomach. This is actually why we women have double tasks to cater for in our lifetime.... (a) taking care of the family and (b) Career-minded. This is quite unlike men that are mainly career-minded.

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Let me not just drift from the topic, what I’m saying basically is that this green Thai chicken and wild rice salad filled our lunch plates with refreshingly colourful vegetables filled with loads of vitamins, minerals and nutritive components to think of. But most importantly, it occupied our fridge with some aromatic and tasty leftovers that even tasted better the following day.

I chose this recipe because it is very easy and yet palatable. Apart from the wild rice that takes longer to cook, every other part is pretty quick and easy. The meal is such a healthy option because it is filled with all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy body.

The salad turned out colourfully beautiful with super taste, just a perfect and ideal salad you can ever imagine of. The dressing is pretty simple, just a normal mint dressing spiced up with some dried parsley leaves.

I enjoy flavourful dressings and the parsley and chive leaves boosted the dressings. But you certainly can play around with any combinations of choice for a delightful dish. The chicken actually tasted amazingly in here and some sprinkles of freshly chopped chives highlighted the meal. I used brown and wild rice but any type of short grain would do as well.

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But before I carry on, let me just highlight some important facts you need to know about the wild rice. This type of rice is of the genus Zizania, which is also known as water oats or Canadian rice. The wild rice's stem can also be used as a vegetable and the sheaths are chewy in nature with soft inner grains.

Wild rice is highly nutritional and can be used for preparing assorted dishes such as salad, casseroles, dressings and soups etc. Wild rice is an excellent source of dietary fiber, iron, niacin, riboflavin, carbohydrate, potassium, phosphorus, thiamin, manganese, B vitamins, amino acid lysine and protein. Wild rice cooks up really soft but sticky and it's gluten-free.

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Apart from wild rice, an important component of this dish that I won't fail to acknowledge is the edamame. Edamame is a popular Asian beans known as immature soybeans. The edamame that was added to this dish makes a perfect combination. The pods were steamed with salt and drained before adding to the salad.

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The rest of the ingredients were vegetables that were pretty easy to wash and cut to pair up for an appetising salad dish and I hope you will enjoy it when you try it out. Please leave your opinion on this recipe in the comment box.

Loads of Love From Blessing

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