Summer has officially disappeared and Fall has just arrived. How sad it is for me to see the beautiful sunny weather come to a halt for a rather harsh cold weather that sometimes make  me sick. Don't get me wrong, I hold nothing against Fall, but the cold nights and days, the days getting darker suddenly and the fact that the days will keep getting colder are what I don't really admire about Fall.

But then, I do admire the colorful golden leaves dropping off the trees all over the place for some really fantastic sight to behold. Well, I am welcoming this year's Fall and bidding farewell to the last Summer with a special rice dish of all times; Chicken Fried Rice, flavorful cooked with chicken and vegetables like zucchini for a delightful treat.

I am a huge fried rice fan for sure and I've actually shared several fried rice recipes in the past namely; spicy vegetable fried rice, Yeung chow fried rice, beetroot fried rice, fried rice, Italian vegetable orzo rice, Arroz amarillo yello rice but then my likeness for fried rice will never seize :D

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When it comes to rice, I really like fried rice because it is not tedious to make and never a boring meal to feast on. Just super delicious and above all very healthy too! This quick & easy to make but yet a fantastic chicken fried rice recipe will definitely entice anyone in and around the house due to its aromatic flavour and tasty nature. I can assure you that this chicken fried rice is even as tasty as Thai chicken fried rice, American fried rice or any Chinese fried rice you can ever think of.

One good thing about fried rice is that you can actually throw in any vegetables of choice ranging from sweet corns, carrots, broccoli, peas, green beans, edamame as much as you like so for this particular chicken fried rice, I decided to tweak it by adding some fresh spirally sliced zucchini (courgette). A perfect combination you can't afford to neglect. Besides, this recipe can also go perfectly well with leftover cooked white rice. So for those leftover white rice you might be considering what to do with, don't crack your brain any further as this chicken fried rice perfectly fits the bill.

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This chicken fried rice recipe is a perfect guide to walk you through on how to use up the rice for yet a flavourful meal. The only difference is that the rice I used for this recipe were freshly cooked and not leftovers but I can assure you that if you follow the steps judiciously, you will get almost similar taste even if you are using leftovers. Interestingly, this chicken fried rice came out slightly reddish in colour due to the bell peppers I used for the preparation and the colour was just spot on.

Basically, what I did was to season the chicken and then slightly cooked them before finally popping some into the oven for some really good bake. But then I kept the chicken broth aside for use in preparing another dish because the recipe does not call for meat broth. But then I always make sure that each time I apply this sieving method on the blended peppers or tomatoes that the sieved-out-juice is equally used for cooking the meat as can be seen from one of the pictures shared above.
But then, the choice is all yours!!!

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The sauce was made with some blended bell peppers, onions, sliced zucchini (courgette), vegetable oil and chilli pepper. Let me just share with you my personal secret for making my sauce with ease --- Firstly blend the bell peppers, chilli pepper, sweet pepper and onions then pour the mixture in a sieve to drain excess water before frying in hot oil.

Following this technique of sieving out the water first before frying helps to prevent the peppers from getting overcooked. Interestingly, you can still apply this technique if you want to make tomato sauce or tomato stew as well. 

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So while the blended bell peppers are draining off excess water, slightly heat up the vegetable oil in a saucepan, stir in sliced onions and allow to saute for two minutes. Chop some of the chicken, add into the sauteed onions, stir the mixture and allow to cook until the chicken are slightly dried. Pop the remaining chicken into the oven then bake until golden brown in appearance.

Pour the drained blended pepper mixtures into the mixture and continue stirring until dry and cooked. Continue stirring the sauce until slightly dried. Afterwards, add the spirally sliced zucchini into the mixture, add spices, herbs and salt to taste. Stir the sauce and allow to simmer for 3 minutes before bringing down from heat.

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This white rice was cooked plain with just water and salt before being mixed with the aromatic sauce. But you can still use leftover rice if you wish to do so.
It's entirely up to you.
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Right --- Now is the time to stir-fry the rice and the zucchini pepper sauce together. Place another saucepan on a medium heat, add half of the sauce into the pan with half portion of the cooked rice then stir the mixture until properly combined, set aside, scoop the stir-fried rice into a clean pot and then repeat process to the remaining rice and sauce and your chicken fried rice is just ready.

Just as simple as that. nasi kebuli (12)Meanwhile you can set aside some of the zucchini pepper sauce to serve alongside with the chicken fried rice and there you go---enjoyment galore!!!

This chicken fried rice turned out pretty quite delicious and aromatic! I can assure you that it is a perfect dish for everyone so don't even neglect it.

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nasi kebuli (8)Mark my words, I bet you won't be disappointed trying out this recipe.
Please feel free to share your opinion in the comment box as every comment is highly valuable for us all.
Loads of  Love From Blessing
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