Jollof Rice || How To Cook An Authentic Smokey Party Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice || How To Cook An Authentic Smokey Party Jollof Rice

This may not look like a popular recipe to some people, but honestly, this recipe is presently gaining versatility across the globe. Growing up, rice was on top of the list of my favourite dishes. I can't recall any week that went by in my house that my mum wouldn't cook rice. One thing I love about rice is that there are several ways of cooking it, with each country having its own unique recipe/recipes. Rice can fit in perfectly well in any dish and it pairs with several types of sauces or soups or side dishes, including salads etc. Honestly, over the years, I have grown to absolutely love rice. It is so versatile and I believe it is absolutely delicious, in as much as you cook it appropriately.
There are tons of recipes for cooking rice but this post is focused on how to cook jollof rice. Not just how to cook jollof rice but how to cook an authentic smokey party jollof rice. So, if you have been desiring to cook a smokey party jollof rice but do not know how to do so, relax, because you have just landed on the right page. My favourite part of this smokey party Jollof recipe is the fact that it was cooked with firewood, and not cooked on contemporary cookers or stovetop. It is important to note that a bit of smoke tastes heavenly on Jollof rice. If it is convenient for you to cook with firewood or charcoal, then go ahead and do so. Otherwise, use your regular cooker to cook the rice but don't expect to get the same smokey Jollof result. If you are planning to host a party, event, conference etc, this recipe is for you. If you run a restaurant or an eatery or you are planning to open one, then here is one special recipe you must include in your menu so as to keep dragging your customers back to you while simultaneously attracting new ones. In a nutshell, if you are searching for a foolproof method of cooking a smokey party jollof rice, please look no further, this is it.

Before you read further, Watch this recipe video of the smokey party Jollof rice!!!

If you have ever looked up directions on how to cook Jollof rice, you probably might have noticed that there are tons of different methods. Each with its own selection of ingredients and ratio of water to rice. Of course, I'm pretty sure that most of them will yield amazing batches of yummy rice dishes. Personally, I am not too overly selective in as much as the rice is properly and deliciously cooked through. But trust me, once you try this particular recipe, you'll never turn back on cooking jollof rice again. 

Jollof rice or jellof rice is basically a rice dish cooked in an aromatic tomato, meat or fish-based broth. The process of cooking this Jollof started with first cooking the beef and chicken after seasoning them. They were fried afterwards and then set aside. The tomatoes and peppers were cut, deseeded and processed. The long sweet peppers were actually pulsed and sieved so that excess water is separated thereby helping to reduce the time it will take to fry the sauce. The tomatoes were blended, the onions chopped and the rest of the ingredients prepared and set aside.
The next main task required frying the tomato sauce until it was slightly dried. Afterwards, the juice from the pulsed pepper mix and meat broth, water were poured into the fried tomato sauce to boil. Once the entire tomato-pepper-meat-based broth boiled, the rice was added - more spices, salt, seasonings, stock cubes etc were equally added. The rice was then stirred, with the pot covered and the rice allowed to cook through until done.
If you have not eaten jollof rice before, you are missing out big time. And if this is your first time of learning about jollof rice, then it might interest you to know that jollof rice is a one-pot rice dish that basically comprises of rice, cooking oil, tomato paste, seasoning spices, herbs, vegetables such as red pepper, tomato, onion, ginger, scotch bonnet etc. Jollof rice, which is also known as Jollof or benachin in Wolof is a popular dish indigenous to the West African part of the globe. Countries like Nigeria, The Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire and Togo are notable for this delectable rice dish. Interestingly, Jollof rice has become so universal that people from various parts of the world are cooking and enjoying the dish.
Jollof rice can be served with either salad, fried plantains, coleslaw, Moi-Moi or steamed vegetables. Any type of meat (for example; beef, chicken, turkey etc) or fish is often used to complement this fantastic dish. Any type of rice can be used for cooking jollof rice but that requires adjusting the quantity of water used for the meal preparation. For this recipe, the long grain rice was used but you can find a similar recipe that was made with the basmati rice.
A fan actually mentioned that she never knew that jollof rice is cooked with blended peppers and that the redness is just from palm oil. If you also belong to that school of thought, let me quickly clarify that you do not need a palm oil for cooking Jollof. All the colours and redness you desire for the rice come from the tomatoes and red peppers. Jollof rice is distinguishable by its reddish colour, which makes the dish so delightful and tempting to feast on. Although some folks use palm oil for cooking jollof rice, however, that is entirely optional and also a different recipe on its own. Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates, but the rest of the add-ins such as tomatoes, onions, spices, herbs, chicken, beef, etc, boost up the nutritious composition of this dish.
This authentic smokey party jollof rice is nothing short of the usual jollof rice recipe. However, I incorporated quite a lot of long sweet peppers for an attractive colourful boost. I bet you would personally want to try this out yourself. If you desire a distinctive colourful jollof rice, then be rest assured that the long sweet peppers are "A Must Have".
Not only did it turn out to be a perfect pot of smokey jollof rice, but it also yielded a really big batch that I had to share with some folks. Of course, there is love in sharing! If I may suggest, I highly recommend that you add this fantastic jollof rice recipe to your repertoire. I can confidently boast that you will gladly use it over and, over and over again. Try this smokey jollof rice recipe! Your tastebud will continuously thank and applaud you for wowing it with this delectable meal. You won't regret reading through this post and trying this dish.
Don't forget to treat the exterior of your pots before cooking on firewood. Watch how to do so now! 


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