I am a huge fan of RICE!!!
Yes, you heard me right!!!
I love eating rice anytime any day and I can eat rice for the whole world - Just bring it on!
Rice is sooo sooooo delicious and fun to eat - but this utterly depends on the output, which is largely attributed to the chef or do I say the rice chef or rice cooker. My claim that I love eating rice does not insinuate that I equally love eating tasteless rice dishes - Never. Just count me out of tasteless rice dishes as well as any kind of food that the outcome turns out to be unbearable.

Before you read further, here is a short video on how to cook the super basmati jollof rice!!!

Being able to cook and eat rice at any time I desire gives me extraordinary joy. Well, I have seen varying rice recipes that are tweaked in diverse ways for amazing outcomes and I must confess that most of these recipes are just phenomenal. I keep echoing this and permit me to iterate it again that one thing that intrigues me the most about cooking is "the art of creativity". Being able to initiate a recipe, prepare the food and come up with an amazing result is just astounding. Again, this is my greatest motivator and part of the reasons why this blog is still standing tall till today.
This super basmati jollof rice is nothing short of the usual jollof rice recipe. However, I incorporated quite a lot of long sweet peppers for an attractive colourful boost. I bet you would personally want to try it out. If you desire a distinctive colourful jollof rice, then be rest assured that the long sweet peppers are "A Must Have". After blending the long sweet peppers, I usually drain the juice and then use part of the juice to cook the meat while the remaining part of the juice goes straight into the pot of rice.
For this recipe, I chopped one of the sweet peppers and fresh tomatoes and then stirred them together with the cooked rice. Adding the chopped long sweet peppers and fresh tomatoes is a pleasant little way of adding more colour and nutrition to the jollof rice. Believe me that this little addition makes this super basmati jollof rice feel like a special treat!
super basmati jollof riceOnce these chopped sweet peppers and tomatoes pair up with the cooked rice, it becomes really hard to resist the temptation of pouncing on this dish at a twinkle of an eye. The finished product came out so delicious and was garnished with some fried beef. I bet that you are way too good to enjoy your lunch or even dinner any day or whenever you desire. I feel so happy to share this recipe because it is quite handy, less-demanding and pretty simple.
Enjoy every bit of it!


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