I love benachin rice and I know so many people do enjoy this meal as well. Tell me what's not to love about a tasty and colourful rice dish cooked to perfection.

Over the past years, I have enjoyed making my own jollof rice, not only because it is so easy-to-prepare but because you can prepare it to suit your taste-bud. Yes, it's easier than most of the rice recipes out there and you can always decide which ingredients to pop into the pot during the preparation process.

Benachin rice "jollof rice" is also a very healthy meal and makes a perfect lunch. I know that there are millions of benachin rice "jollof rice" recipes out there but this particular recipe is just okay for me as well as very easy to adopt.

Benachin also known as Jollof rice is a popular West African rice dish notable for it's characteristic colourful reddish colour with super delicious taste. History has it that benachin rice 'jollof rice', originated from the Wolof region of the Senegambia region before spreading to the entire West Africa and beyond.

Benachin rice "jollof rice" has now become a very popular dish in the West African region especially in Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana with each country presenting different variations.


For this particular recipe, I used ingredients such as fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger, vegetable oil, tinned tomato paste, onions, chicken stock cube, salt, and chilli pepper. Moreover, I garnished the dish with some sliced fresh tomatoes and some fried chicken and both the look and taste was just fantastic.

Apart from these, you can as well garnish the jollof rice with some vegetables but this is just optional. Try out the recipe as shown below and I bet that you will enjoy it.


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