Watch the video recipe of the Instant pot jollof rice!


I often end up with tons of sweet peppers in the fridge, simply because I love the effect and colour they add to food. One of my favourite options for using sweet peppers includes making colourful rice dishes. Recently, I used up the rest of my sweet peppers to prepare this sumptuous meal. I decided to make an instant pot jollof rice, my personal little twist on jollof rice, I guess you could say. I enjoy trying new things and so I'm always eager for something new and tasty to experiment with. I kind of felt the need to experiment making a jollof rice with an instant pot. Luckily, my experiment passed and I am excited about it.
On the "recipe section" is the exact measurements of what I used for cooking this instant pot jollof rice, but you can scale up or down the ingredients based on what you have available and what you want to use up. Just allow your imagination to go wild! I admit that sometimes when I get the inspiration to try something new, I never get around to trying it. The vast majority of the time, it is because I do not have the right ingredients available in my kitchen and I feel reluctant going out and purchasing them. Well, now that you have come across this recipe for jollof rice, I urge you to give it a go.
Putting this jollof rice meal together using the instant pot, I had a good idea of what to expect. The combination of the ingredients and the cooking method wasn't unique to me. Yes, this is simply because this isn't the first time I'm using an instant pot neither is it the first time I'm making a jollof rice. So the recipe never seems to be a difficult one, although it does come with several steps coupled with ample time to complete. Interestingly, the final result was totally worth it as the combination of ingredients and flavours yielded a delicious pot of rice. Of course, I couldn't get enough of the meal. The addition of the chopped sweet peppers gave a colourful appearance to the rice, while the spices added some good aroma and flavour too. The final addition of some fresh thinly cut bell peppers perfected the dish so well. It is a beautiful rice dish, full of lovely colour.
For the rice in this recipe, I used the long grain parboiled rice, but you can use whatever type of rice you like. However, you need to adjust the instant pot pressure cooker time based on the type of rice you are using. Of course, you need to increase the cooking time if using brown rice and vice versa for basmati rice. Cooking is just an amazing way to let out your imagination, so go ahead and have fun!


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