Watch the video recipe of the kiwi, watermelon, grapes, strawberry & apple smoothie!


The other day when I almost ran out of fruits, I got thinking about making a different kind of smoothie recipe. There are a couple of fruit smoothie recipes that I have shared on this blog and I doubt if I will ever grow tired of making smoothies. This kiwi, watermelon, grapes, strawberry & apple smoothie is one of my latest creations and it is one that is fantastically amazing. I used some frozen apples that have been in the freezer seeking my attention for a while now, alongside some kiwis, watermelon, grapes and strawberries. The rest of my add-ins were soya milk, caramel flavour and the pink pitaya powder, but you can add whatever you have on hands, any different fruit, milk or flavour would work.
I think vanilla would also add a lovable flavour to the smoothie! Also, if you enjoy dried fruits in your smoothies, then go for them. Just soak the ones that need to be soaked in order to obtain the best result. Actually, you can do whatever you deem right or that satisfies your taste-bud. Because the fruits used in this recipe are sweet on their own, I did not bother to include any kind of sweetener at all. Besides, I don't like overly sweet food and I run away from artificial sugar. By the time this recipe was ready, it turned out to be a refreshing, nutritious and tasty batch of mixed fruit smoothie. The unique flavours from each of the fruits and the rest of the ingredients melded together to yield a superb smoothie, one that I highly recommend trying.
Like I previously mentioned, I don't love my smoothies to be overly sweet since I sometimes like to have them for breakfast. As a result, I just added a tablespoon of caramel flavour, but if you like your smoothie a bit sweeter then you can add any sweetener of choice. But you might consider being conscious of the sweetener addition to ensure it doesn't get loaded with extra sugar. Otherwise, I believe the smoothie should be fine. The flavour of the pink pitaya powder is fairly mild. Besides, through the addition of pink pitaya powder, a colourful appearance came through. But if you are not bothered about the colour of the smoothie, then don't worry, it's not "a must-have". Otherwise, you could add a little more of the pink powder if you want the colour to come through a little more. Making this smoothie turned out to be a lot of fun and actually did not take that much work. The condiments came together quickly in just a few minutes for an awesome outcome.


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