There is absolutely nothing so refreshing and relaxing than a glass of freshly made grapes smoothie. I love smoothies especially when naturally prepared without any artificial additives or sweeteners.

Straight out from the blender and immediately served fresh, this grapes smoothie can't actually get any better than it turned out to be. I can assure you that this grapes smoothie perfectly fits the bill for you, your hubby, your kids, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues and infact for EVERYONE!!! This grapes smoothie is actually perfect for everyone because both individuals on paleo diets, vegetarians and even gluten-free people can comfortably enjoy this drink.


For sometimes now, I've been making series of fruit smoothies and I can assure you that it is such an healthy eating option to adopt, because it keeps the body healthy, revived and energised.

Besides, smoothie recipes are quite easy to adopt and you can easily change up the quantity depending on the size you want. Apart from this, every other part of this recipe is pretty easy to follow.


Because I had quite some big clusters of grapes readily available in my kitchen, this recipe actually made quite a big batch, which wasn't just an issue for me. Thank goodness that I had quite some few friends come around the house and helped me feasted upon the remaining smoothies.

Yes, smoothies are preferably consumed fresh and immediately after preparation however, you can still refrigerate your smoothies before consumption but it is best consumed within same day of preparation. 


But, if you don't need a large portion of grapes smoothies, you can just take quite some few grapes and blend them up smooth and nice for your delight and relaxation.

Seedless grapes are preferably used for this recipe as all you just need to do is to wash the grapes properly, pop them into the blender and give them a good and smooth blend for a refreshing drink to cool off your nerves with.

Just as simple as that!!!   It can't just get any simpler...Period!!!

Interestingly, you can decide to add more additives such as sweetener, spices or sugar but I personally prefer mine to remain natural. 


So whichever way you want to get this grapes smoothie ready, the decision is entirely up to you. I believe this recipe is worth giving a try and I bet you won't regret it.

XoXo Blessing



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