Watch the video recipe of the strawberry, pear, kiwi, grapes & spinach smoothie!


I do not know about you, but I can testify that I can never get tired of nutritious smoothies, never. I love the numerous nutrients, vitamins and sweetness that are buried in these wonderful drinks. I love the fact that smoothies can serve as main meals on their own, hence any fruits-packed smoothie is already a "one-man squad" in my humble opinion. The amazing health benefits obtainable from this extremely versatile drink is simply indescribable. You can drink or sip a smoothie on its own, or you can have it alongside either a main dish, side-dish or snacks....the list just goes on and on. Smoothies can serve as breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner, hence the reason for its versatility. They are great for both indoors and outdoors events. With the summer just around the corner, it is a given that most fruits are in the peak of their seasons during this time of the year. If you seek my opinion, I recommend that you make maximum use of fruits' season so as to pull back your immune system and body systems back on track. Well, this is indicative that it is time to make as many smoothies as possible from henceforth before we slide back into winter. I recommend the summer season because fruits usually taste better during this period unlike in winter et al.....
I have been making smoothies left and right these past weeks. Nothing intrigues me more than having already made smoothies relaxing in the fridge, or even the freezer seeking for my attention whenever I feel like grabbing it. Oh, did I just perceive that you pondered "the freezer"..... Yes, the freezer! Peradventure you don't know, big batches of smoothies or even leftover smoothies can be stored away in the freezer for use whenever you are ready. Feel free to watch this video on how to freeze smoothies! Amongst my recent creations is this refreshing strawberry, pear, kiwi, grapes & spinach smoothie. With a couple of fresh fruits relaxing in the fridge and some fresh spinach vegetables that have been seeking my attention for a while now, I knew a simple, refreshing and fulfilling smoothie was just around the corner. The perfect drink to sip through sitting down at the patio on a sunny spring afternoon. The truth is that I crave for smoothies more than I would like to admit. Whether sweet or tangy, it doesn't really matter. The motive here is to pack in countless nutrients and vitamins into my body. Just as simple as that.
Just so you know that the main things that can't be missing in my kitchen at all times are fruits. Any type of fruit! I enjoy including fruits in my daily diets, hence I really need to have them at hand always. The good news is that there are assorted things you can actually do with fruits --- starting from eating them whole, smoothies, juice, pastries, bakings, salads, dressings, dips, sauces and even meals. Do you get the picture? Yes, the list just goes on. I love the richness they add to everything, along with their unique flavours. Making this strawberry, pear, kiwi, grapes & spinach smoothie couldn't have been any easier than it turned out to be. From sourcing the ingredients to preparing the smoothie, every action came together in a fantastic way to yield an amazing result. Feel free to give this recipe a try and always stay safe!


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