I’ve become an ardent lover of fruit juice! So, I have recently developed a new habit of keeping any kind of fruit juice around me at all times. Although I vehemently endeavour to implement the 5-A-DAY daily routine, I often find it hard to eat assorted fruits in a day. In an attempt to strictly maintain this healthy eating habit, I now indulge in juicing my fruits. Juicing fruits is the easiest way of pairing numerous fruits together to yield an amazing nutritious outcome. Juicing makes it so easy for me to complete my 5-A-DAY daily. And the good news is that you can juice as many fruits as possible that can last for days in the fridge. By doing so, you save yourself time and energy on the "juicing task".
Just a warning! This is not the regular sugary juice you are used to. From the title, you can easily deduce that the juice is a composition of the three main "sour, non-sugary, non-sweet" citrus fruits - grapefruits, lemons and limes. Interestingly, these fruits are packed with loads of highly nutritious vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the healthy functioning of your body. Several scientific research works have proven that these fruits can act as an immune booster, which suggests the reason for this post.

Meanwhile, Watch the video recipe of the Grapefruit, lemon and lime juice!


Honestly, I was inspired to pair these three iconic fruits together to benefit from all the nutrients therein. With the urgent need to constantly boost our immune systems due to the rampaging COVID-19 menace, there is a dire need for us to be conscious of our immune systems levels. Yes, you can only do the feasible things you can do as a human, then you leave the rest to nature. Besides, if nature has provided us with assorted nutritious and medicinal fruits, we are equally compelled to utilise them assiduously. Considering the fact that these three unique citrus fruits can each act as an immune booster, I thought it right to put them all into ACTION by juicing them all together. The outcome was amazing though - colourful, refreshing and fulfilling. However, the taste wasn't so good but I'm perfectly okay with that. The motive for juicing these fruits in the first place wasn't to obtain a sweet-tasty juice. Nope! The purpose of juicing them all was to boost or support my immune level. So if you fall in the same category as me, then go ahead and get yourself these wonderful fruits for a fantastic juice. However, if you are a sweet-tooth person, I encourage you to pass on this juice recipe. But hang on, you can actually add any kind of sweetener in this juice just to enhance the taste for you. You can add some ice cubes, mints, honey, sugar, maple syrup --- name them.
I encourage you to endeavour to eat healthily the vast majority of the time so as to keep your body healthier. Don't forget that "a healthy person is a wealthy person"!
Well, just so you know that I try to make this type of juice at least every other week, just to promote the wellbeing of my body system. There is nothing complex about this recipe, it is a fairly standard fruit juice. Personally, I believe that a combination of citrus fruits is always a winner so this juice recipe is perfectly okay. Apart from acting as an immune booster, I believe that this juice can also help anyone that is struggling to shed excess fat or lose weight. Just a little disclaimer - I haven't attempted to use it for a weight loss program. But my instinct tells me that since many people claim that lemon, lime or grapefruit respectively can help to lose weight or serve as a detox, then there is no doubt that a combination of the three will even provide a faster result. Well, I am not here to recommend any weight loss plan. If you want to embark on any weight loss program, I encourage you to consult your health professional first, just to be on the safe side.
First thing early in the morning or on a sunny afternoon, this juice remains a fantastic drink to sip on. So, feel free to bookmark this very simple juice recipe and immune booster so that you can try it whenever you are ready to do so. All you need are a couple of lemon, grapefruits and lime fruits, which you can buy from the farmer's market or a grocery shop right away. This recipe is pretty simple and easy to fix. But do not allow the short ingredient list to deceive you, because the juice was full of nutrients, refreshing and super fulfilling. It only took a few minutes to wash, peel, cut up and then juice the fruits and it was so good. The combination of the three citrus fruits already mentioned packs a lot of nutrients into just a few ingredients. A little sweetener along with some fresh mint leaves (optional) finish it all off perfectly.


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