Here's a Quick Video on How to Make Grapefruit Juice!!!

A Sip of Grapefruit Juice for You!

This month Iyke and I started a new regular tradition of juicing our own drinks. At least once, twice or thrice in a week, usually in the afternoons due to the warm weather. This time of the year is probably my favourite time of the year! No too much cold and no too much sun!

The weather is just in equilibrium!

But having said this doesn't take away the fact that I am looking forward to summer in other to soak-in enough sunshine into my body system in readiness for the next winter.

Long story short! I've made this chilling grapefruit juice ~ Just two glasses ~ one glass of grapefruit juice for you and the other for me :D

So come over and chill off as your own portion of drink is waiting patiently for you right now. Alternatively, if you can't make it to my house, then head over to your nearest grocery shop ~ grab the ingredients and give the recipe a try.

Each time I want to make a fruit juice, it is usually tough to decide the actual fruit to convert for good. This is cos there are loads of good options ranging from orange juice, pomegranate juice, raspberry mint juice and pineapple juice to name just a few! This has made it a little bit difficult to name my favourite fruit drink cos all these drinks are just exceptionally good. Besides, they are very healthy and packed with loads of minerals and vitamins.

Moreover, I absolutely love the flavour these drinks render and the easiness with which they pass down through my oesophagus to the stomach.

grapefruit juice-3

This raises the question as to why I've chosen to make grapefruit juice this time around instead of the regular ones. The truth is that I love grapefruit!

Its unique sour tangy taste is what stuns me about this fruit.

Besides, I've heard many interesting medicinal benefits of this fruit.

Another good thing about the grapefruit is that it is multi-purposeful in the sense that it can be eaten fresh as fruit or converted into juice or smoothie, or used for preparing dishes or used for preparing herbal medicines. Whichever way you decide to use this special fruit, it will surely not disappoint you.

The big plus of this grapefruit juice is obviously the honey and ice cubes. Just add in a couple of ice cubes, a tablespoon of honey and the grapefruit flesh in a juicer or food processor then blitz for few minutes and you are done. You can sieve out the chaffs or drink all together. Personally, I prefer mine with the chaffs because this is where the roughages and fibres are coming from. Since roughages are very good for the bowel, why would I want to discard them? Doesn't make sense to me at all!

grapefruit juice

So once the drink is ready, add in some fresh mint leaves for some really nice flavour then enjoy your drink! The recipe is pretty simple and it can't be any simpler than it is already.

This grapefruit juice is flavourful, tasty and super healthy! I encourage you to give the recipe a try and you will enjoy it. But don' t forget to share with us your experience with the recipe on the comment section!

XoXo :D Blessing


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